A politician with strong connections to the grassroots is Supriya Sule

The working president of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Supriya Sule, is the daughter of Sharad Pawar, the leader of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). She has emerged from her father’s large leadership role. Sule has been bringing up several women’s problems as a Lok Sabha member. She began a statewide campaign against female foeticide in 2011. She has received recognition as one of the Lok Sabha’s top lawmakers on several occasions.

Despite having a well-known and connected father, Sule works at the NCP’s grassroots level. Sule has cultivated her seat, Baramati, and is a sitting member of the Rajya Sabha, much like her father and cousin Ajit Pawar, who is now the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra. Sule’s father left political politics in the Lok Sabha.

Since political discussions often took place in their home, she has grown up around politics. This 54-year-old leader has often acknowledged that the political acumen she has stems from listening to the stalwarts who have paid visits to their house throughout the course of her formative years. She has had a significant influence on spreading the NCP’s work among the general public since she is an effective orator. Despite having a contemporary viewpoint, she blends it with the conventional to appeal to the voters, especially women.


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