AAP: Amid farmer unrest, Khattar government is keeping the state hostage

Senior vice-president of the AAP state branch Anurag Dhanda said today that the Khattar administration has used the farmers’ agitation as a pretext to hold the whole state captive. Public transportation is being restricted, and Internet access has been turned off in certain areas, making it difficult for people—especially students—to get about during test season.

He said that the administration headed by Khattar was purposefully harassing the populace by doing this. He said the government shuttered the Punjabi border and shut off Internet access in seven areas, despite the farmer organizations’ promises not to march to Delhi until February 19.

According to Dhanda, dealers are losing thousands of dollars every day as a result of the entire halt to Internet transactions.

He criticized the Khattar-led administration for its autocratic behavior and asked why, when the farmers were engaging in nonviolent negotiations with the Centre, Internet connections were cut off and roads were blocked. He said that the Center could have used the C2 formula, as recommended by the Swaminathan Commission, to guarantee that the farmers received MSP benefits, but instead, it is only engaging with the farmers without taking any tangible action.

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