AAP Blames BJP Over Swati Maliwal Row, But Receives Sharp Rebuttals

Rajya Sabha member for the Aam Aadmi Party Swati Maliwal has accused the personal assistant of Delhi Chief Minister and AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal, Bibhav Kumar, of attacking her at the CM’s home. However, the AAP has attempted to place the responsibility on the BJP. It was described as a “conspiracy orchestrated by the BJP whose face is Swati Maliwal” by Delhi minister Atishi. What is the BJP’s stance on its purported participation, though?

Shehzad Poonawalla, national spokesman for the BJP, expressed amazement at the accusation when he was asked. “AAP employee is the one who gave the hit order. The AAP member who struck was the one who did it. The AAP representative is the one who verified the occurrence. It was an AAP member who made the police call. Another eyewitness comes from the AAP. However, he told News18, “The accusation is that it’s a BJP ploy.”

While Kejriwal is being held on interim bail set by the Supreme Court, Maliwal submitted a formal complaint on Friday detailing the gruesome circumstances of what she said occurred to her. This may potentially ruin Kejriwal’s campaign for the Lok Sabha. The Aam Aadmi Party is receiving a lot of criticism on a women-centric topic after using Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of the then-jailed chief minister, as the face of its electoral campaign.

Maliwal, the former head of the Delhi Commission for Women, said in her First Information Report (FIR) that Bibhav Kumar, who has since been detained, had slapped her seven or eight times, purposefully pulled up her blouse, kicked her in the chest, stomach, and pelvis, and referred to her as a “neech aurat.”

Atishi said that Maliwal was not beaten or mistreated, despite the AAP having produced certain video footage that is allegedly meant to refute the allegations. Rather, she said that Maliwal had the support of the BJP and accused the MP of using threatening words against Kumar and the security guards in attendance.

However, BJP officials claim they are unsure of their place in the whole dispute. They are bringing up this topic in Punjab and Delhi, where the AAP has been hoping for some gains in the next elections. According to Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra, the AAP needs to choose its political position first. “First, Sanjay Singh acknowledged that Arvind Kejriwal would take action against Bibhav Kumar and that Swati Maliwal had been subjected to abusive behavior. Atishi is now saying that Swati is lying. Does this imply that Sanjay Singh lied as well?

AAP has developed further hypotheses in spite of this discrepancy. “Swarti Maliwal refused to have MLC on the specified date when the police asked her to.”However, the BJP releases a fresh falsehood on Swati Maliwal every three days. The truth is shown in the video,” Atishi said on Friday.

Vandana Singh, a member of DCW and a close acquaintance of Swati Maliwal, offered defense. She posted a request for the “full video” on social networking platform X.

“Whether Swati Maliwal had had a medical examination after 24, 48, or 72 hours is not the question,” BJP spokesman Sanju Verma said. The important thing to remember is that she had a 4.5-hour medical examination at AIIMS in Delhi, which confirmed she had been physically abused.

AAP seems to be at a loss for responses when the BJP begins to press the issue of Sanjay Singh and Atishi’s discrepancies or Swati Maliwal’s medical report supporting her claims. The controversy can come back to haunt the AAP as Delhi, a city that saw street rapes by the Nirbhaya gang, gets ready to cast its ballot on May 25.

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