AAP complains to the Election Commission against BJP candidate Hans Raj Hans of Faridkot for threatening farmers who were staging protests

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has filed a complaint against BJP candidate and musician Hans Raj Hans with the Election Commission of India, two days after the latter is said to have threatened protesting farmers.

The musician is accused of assaulting farmers, threatening them, and making hate speeches during his election campaign in the complaint, a copy of which is kept with The Tribune. Throughout his campaign, Hans has encountered difficulties in the Faridkot villages, where he is halted by farmers and is not permitted to go collect votes. Farmers are stopping not only singer Hans but also the majority of BJP candidates in the state.

According to reports, the artist told farmers during his election campaign on May 16 that they will be taken care of following June 1 voting. All of the state’s agricultural unions have condemned this comment, which has caused a stir in the community. In later television appearances, Hans has refuted that he threatened anybody and said that he was just responding to a farmer who had complained to him about the directives from the farmer unions.

The Aam Aadmi Party has complained to the EC stating that “…Hans Raj Hans has been openly abusing farmers, threatening them, and making hate speech during his campaign for the upcoming general elections, which is not only a violation of the Model Code of Conduct but also an offence under the Indian Penal Code.” He is purposefully upsetting the farmers by doing this, and as a result, the public tranquility in the State of Punjab is likely to be disturbed,” the lawsuit claims.

A video recording of the event is included to the AAP complaint. According to the lawsuit, a candidate for public office is using these heinous methods to threaten, harass, and incite the very people he is meant to serve.The complaint urges the Commission to act against Hans right once, stating that “farmers are the backbone of our country and they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, not subjected to verbal abuse and threats.”

The governing party has also requested the European Commission to guarantee that farmers who have been reportedly singled out by Hans may use their right to vote without fear of retaliation.

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