Abhishek Banerjee criticizes the governor of Bengal and promises to continue his MGNREGA protest

Leading a three-day sit-in outside Raj Bhavan, senior TMC leader Abhishek Banerjee on Sunday criticized Governor CV Ananda Bose for what he claimed to be pro-BJP behavior and vowed to continue the protest until he had an acceptable answer about the clearing of the state’s dues under MGNREGA.

Using the recent searches by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) at 12 locations, including the homes of senior West Bengal Minister Firhad Hakim and TMC MLA Madan Mitra as part of an investigation into alleged irregularities in recruitment processes within civic bodies, Banerjee also denounced the BJP for allegedly using central agencies to intimidate TMC leaders.

“We have learned that the governor questioned the sit-in outside Raj Bhavan in a letter to the state administration. He has demanded that the sit-in end. When BJP leaders exploited Raj Bhavan for their political operations, where was his concern for democratic norms? said Banerjee.

On Sunday, Bose said he will meet with people denied MGNREGA employment and discuss their complaints with New Delhi.

The governor also wrote to the Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi to ask whether the TMC’s continuing sit-in outside the Raj Bhavan had received clearance.

Banerjee continued to criticize the governor by pointing out that his predecessor, Jagdeep Dhankhar, who is now the Vice-President of India, received a prize for working against Bengal’s interests while in office.

“You are not the BJP’s governor; you are Bengal’s governor,” he insisted. The BJP has already marched to Raj Bhavan seven times. Did you then send the police any letters? No. Therefore, why do you want the impoverished employment card holders to leave this area? Banerjee questioned why the governor had not yet met with the TMC delegation, which is a need for calling off the sit-in.

“We were forced to leave Krishi Bhawan after being denied access to meet the state minister of rural development in New Delhi,” he said. We have a straightforward request: the governor, who is a representative of the Center, should come meet with us and respond satisfactorily when asked when the earnings of those who possess MGNREGA employment cards would be issued. Banerjee stated his expectation that the party’s team will be able to see the governor after learning that he was coming back to Kolkata.

“We’ve heard he’s feeling a little under the weather, and we wish him a quick recovery. He said, “We want to meet him soon.

Abhishek Banerjee started the sit-in on Thursday after a group of TMC leaders and members marched to Raj Bhavan to express their displeasure over the alleged withholding of West Bengal’s MGNREGA dues by the Center.

Banerjee reacted to the CBI searches on Hakim and Mitra’s homes by claiming that such measures would be ineffective.

He emphasized that they were steadfast supporters of Mamata Banerjee and would not be deterred by repeated searches and summonses from the ED and CBI.

According to Banerjee, “the more the BJP tries to suppress us, the more resolute we will become.” As part of its probe into suspected anomalies in recruiting procedures within municipal authorities, the CBI searched 12 sites spread throughout the state. Hakim was one of the well-known individuals targeted in the raids, holding important roles in both the TMC and the state administration.