Abohar MC undertakes a push to inspect the selling of “Chinese kite string” amid incidents

Staff members of the Abohar Municipal Corporation conducted a drive on Monday to inspect the materials on display at the kite and string stores in this area in response to reports of people circumventing the law prohibiting the use and sale of plastic kite-string, often known as “Chinese string.” The local government issued a strong warning against the sale of the string, which proved lethal to users as well as birds. When the authorities began investigating these stores independently, none were discovered to be selling the prohibited goods.

When riding his bike, a 13-year-old kid got a serious cut on his neck from a plastic kite string, which led to his hospital admission last week. His condition, according to the treating physician, is not life-threatening, but surgery was necessary due to the severe cuts on his neck and throat. He continued, saying that it was lucky that the victim’s neck injuries were not as severe because of the bike’s modest pace.

Officials from the local authority said today that anybody seen flying kites with the “Chinese string” would face legal action as well.

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