Accelerate the gathering of transgender data: Madras High Court orders TN government

The Madras High Court said on Monday that gathering transgender people’s data is essential in order to provide them horizontal reservations in the workplace and in educational institutions.

This was said by the first bench of Chief Justice SV Gangapurwala and Justice D Bharatha Chakravarthy in response to a case filed by transgender activist Grace Banu Ganesan that was scheduled for hearing. The suit sought directions to give a special quota. “We must expedite the process.” The bench recommended the state government to seek the support of grassroots NGOs in this respect and said, “The state may take immediate steps in that regard.”

On behalf of the secretary of the Department of social welfare and Women’s empowerment, Advocate General PS Raman submitted a status report. According to the transgender welfare board’s records, 7,973 identification cards have been granted and 12,116 transgender individuals have been recognized.

The article further said that the Tamil Nadu Backward Class Commission has stated that it is necessary to look at the establishment of a distinct quota based on current data on the number of transgender people. The panel won’t be able to provide its recommendations on the matter until it has examined such data.

It was said that in order to support transgender kids’ education, the government recently declared in the budget that it would pay for all of their educational costs.

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