According to INLD’s Sandeep Lot, the BJP deceived the people of Sirsa in the guise of development

Sandeep Lot, the INLD candidate for the Lok Sabha constituency in Sirsa, said that the BJP was to blame for Sirsa’s development gap. According to him, Sirsa saw no growth when the BJP was in power.

He said that while the cornerstone of a medical college had been set, not a single brick had been placed so far. The broken-down roads in Sirsa painted a picture of disregard. He said that while the people of Sirsa had voted for Sunita Duggal of the BJP with tremendous optimism in the last election, she had done little to further development. On Wednesday, Sandeep was giving a speech at a gathering on the street corner at Subhash Chowk.

Speaking to the crowd, Sandeep said that not a single sector had been established that would employ young people. The BJP MP denied any connection to the people of Sirsa for a period of four and a half years. Once again, the leaders of the BJP were elevating the aspirations of the populace. “Corruption and unemployment are at an all-time high in the state,” said Lot.

According to Sandeep, the INLD engaged in development politics and adhered to Chaudhary Devi Lal’s ideas. Even under the state’s INLD rule, Chaudhary Om Prakash Chautala made sure Sirsa was developed holistically. The sole MLA in the nation to step down in favor of the farmers’ movement was Abhay Singh Chautala. Thus, the INLD was the best person to help the working class and farmers. He promised to speak out in Parliament if elected to power.

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