According to PM Modi in Haryana, the “dhaakad” administration has made India’s foes shudder

Ambala, 18 May Prime Minister Narendra Modi hinted at Pakistan when he remarked on Saturday that because of the ‘dhaakad’ (daring) administration at the Center, India’s foes now consider their plans “100 times” before acting.

PM Modi said, “Haryana means ‘himmat’ (courage) and ‘haunsla’ (encouragement)” at a rally in Ambala, Haryana.

“I led a powerful government and ate the bread of Haryana. During the public meeting, Prime Minister Modi said that the people of the country had triumphed against the INDIA bloc in all four phases of the elections, calling the party workers of the opposition group “absolutely hopeless.”

“Modi has managed the government in a ‘dhaakad’ fashion for ten years, much as he did in Haryana. Do you not feel pleased when you watch Rafale aircraft flying over Ambala today? I have come to ask for your five-year blessings. “Haryana is a state deeply ingrained with patriotism,” Prime Minister Modi said.

On May 25, the sixth round of voting for Haryana’s ten parliamentary seats will take place.

“When a nation has a strong government, the opponent considers their options carefully before acting. The wall of Article 370 was pulled down by the powerful Modi administration. Kashmir is now developing and heading toward progress.”

According to PM Modi, the Congress has not taken any action to support farmers.

“In ten years, they paid MSP (minimum support price) for crops valued at Rs 7.5 lakh crore… Modi purchased crops on MSP for Rs 20 lakh crore in ten years, or about three times, “added the speaker.

PM Modi’s election rally was attended by a number of BJP candidates, including Banto Kataria from Ambala, Naveen Jindal from Kurukshetra, and Manohar Lal Khattar from Karnal. Chief Minister Nayab Saini and top cabinet members were also there.

“Pakistan now has a begging bowl in its hands after tormenting India for the last 70 years and possessing nukes. “A ‘dhaakad’ government makes the enemies shudder,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Could Jammu and Kashmir’s circumstances have been altered by a weak government? Recall the days when the state was governed by the Congress and courageous Haryana women used to worry all day and all night. After ten years, none of it is still happening today.

There are only 17 days left till June 4 (the counting day). In all four election stages, the people have opposed the INDIA bloc’s plans for the nation,” PM Modi said.

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