According to the BMC, the number of stray dogs in Mumbai has likely increased from 95,000 in 2014 to 1.64 lakh

The Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said on Thursday that there are likely 1.64 lakh stray canines in Mumbai, which is roughly 72% higher than in 2014.

According to a census taken in 2014, there were 95,000 stray dogs living in the city, according to a statement. According to the statement, a large-scale rabies vaccination program is recommended for February 2024 based on the results of the BMC’s next census of stray dogs, which is scheduled for January 2024.

In 10 days, around 1 lakh stray canines would get vaccinations, it said. At Mumbai International Airport on Tuesday, the municipal organization administered rabies vaccinations to 26 stray canines with the assistance of a few NGOs.


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