Action against grandson Prajwal Revanna, should he be proved guilty, is acceptable: Deve Gowda, the former prime minister, on the instance of sexual abuse

Party supremo H D Deve Gowda broke his silence on Saturday on the allegations of sexual assault made against JDS MP Prajwal Revanna, stating that he is in favor of taking legal action against his grandson should he be proved guilty.

Additionally, he said that the complaints against his son and JD(S) MLA H D Revanna, who is accused of sexual harassment and women’s abduction, were “created,” but he declined to speak further since the subject was under investigation.

Gowda, who turned 92 today, stated, “I don’t want to comment on things that are going on in the court regarding Revanna,” as he spoke to reporters. Regarding Kumaraswamy (Gowda’s second son and state JD(S) head), who spoke on behalf of our family and stated that the government must act in compliance with the law of the nation, Prajwal Revanna has left the country.

“There are other individuals associated with this (the issue of sexual assault); I prefer not to identify them. According to Kumaraswamy, the those involved in this case should face consequences, and the ladies who were harmed should get justice and recompense. We have no issues with taking action against Prajwal. However, people are now aware of the (facts) surrounding the accusations leveled against Revanna and the genesis of the case. In one instance, he was granted bail; in another, the verdict is expected the next day. He said, agreeing with Kumaraswamy that no one should be spared if proven guilty: “I don’t want to comment on it.”

Gowda recently said that he would not be celebrating his birthday and asked partygoers and well-wishers to send him birthday wishes from wherever they may be.

Prajwal (33) is accused of assaulting women sexually on many occasions. The affair has sparked a political firestorm between the BJP-JD(S) and the government Congress.

He is still at large, having apparently fled for Germany on April 27. To try to get him back, an Interpol Blue Corner Notice has been issued against him.

He was the joint candidate of the BJP-JD(S) alliance for the Hassan Lok Sabha seat, which was held on April 26.

In response to a question about the existence of a plot to discredit and politically undermine his family, Gowda said, “It is true that multiple people are involved in everything that has happened.” I refuse to take sides. Kumaraswamy will choose the appropriate course of action. In response to a question about BJP leader and activist G Devaraje Gowda’s claims that D K Shivakumar, the deputy chief minister, is responsible for the dissemination of a pen drive containing pornographic movies featuring Prajwal Revanna, Gowda said that Kumaraswamy will address all of this.

“What Devaraje Gowda stated has been reported in the media. As State President of the party, Kumaraswamy has been responding to all of this with great energy. I won’t say anything at this time; he will. I had been a Lok Sabha election campaigner. “I will meet you (the media) on June 4th after the results of the Lok Sabha polls are announced,” he said.

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