Adani Group Denies Connection To Failure Of The Uttarkashi Tunnel

In a statement released on November 27, billionaire Gautam Adani’s Group vehemently denied any role, direct or indirect, in the building of Uttarakhand’s Silkyara tunnel, the collapse of which left 41 construction workers stranded for 16 days.

There have been a lot of accusations on social media linking the Adani Group to the Uttarkashi tunnel construction business.

We’ve seen that some people are attempting to use the sad collapse of a tunnel in Uttarakhand to associate us with evil. An Adani spokesman issued a statement saying, “We vehemently condemn these attempts and those behind them.”

“We firmly clarify that the Adani group, or any of its subsidiaries, is not involved in any way, directly or indirectly, in the construction of the tunnel,” the statement said.

The Char Dham all-weather accessibility project, spearheaded by the Narendra Modi administration, includes the Uttarkashi tunnel. The Adani Group is not associated with the Navayuga Engineering Company Limited, which is in charge of building the tunnel.

Since a landslide on November 12 left workers stuck around 200 meters from the entrance of the 4.5-kilometer tunnel, the rescue effort has encountered difficulties so far due to the difficult terrain. The drilling equipment, which earlier broke down twice while trying to bore horizontally toward the 41 trapped people, has faced constant challenges due to the rough terrain.

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