Additional three are detained for assaulting activists in Tirunelveli

The Tirunelveli municipal police have detained three additional people in relation to the Thursday assault on activist and builder Ferdin Rayan. Three Tirunelveli locals, Abdul Ajees, Mullan Syed Ali, and Muzamil Murshid, were named as the suspects. Additionally, a special police force has been formed to apprehend Dindigul resident Sahul Hameed, another accused.

“On May 4, at a badminton court here, Rayan, a native of Palayamkottai, had his hands and head slashed with a sickle. A two-wheeler and a four-wheeler that were utilized by the accused were found after CCTV video was reviewed by the Tirunelveli Medical College Hospital police, who then filed an attempt to murder case in this respect, according to police sources.

The primary culprit in the case, Thajudeen of Dindigul, turned himself up at the Tirunelveli Judicial Magistrate Court on Wednesday and admitted to the crime. According to reports, once police questioned Murshid, the owner of the two-wheeler, they learned that Syed Ali and Ajees had given him, Thajudeen, and Sahul Hameed the order to carry out the assault.

“With the assistance of Melapalayam Sub Registrar Ravikumar, Syed Ali had unlawfully lowered the property’s guideline value and registered 2.5 acres of land in the names of his accomplices. In response to Ferdin Rayan’s appeal against this unauthorized registration, the Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption suspended Ravikumar. Furthermore, Ali was displeased that Rayan’s appeal prevented him from turning his property into housing plots, therefore he gave the accused people the order to carry out the assault, according to the sources.

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