Adhir Chowdhury is furious over Cong’s ties with Trinamool after the polls

Kolkata, 18 May Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the president of the West Bengal Congress and a five-time member of the Lok Sabha, essentially revolted against the party’s top leadership on Saturday about the matter of the party’s post-election relationship with the Trinamool Congress.

The Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge’s remark to the Lucknow media on Saturday that Chowdhury was not the right person to determine what policies should be implemented for the formation of the government after the elections is what started the internal dispute.

According to Kharge, if the need arose, the party’s high leadership would make that decision.

Kharge even went so far as to declare that party-high command decisions would require leaders to submit to them or resign.

In response to Kharge’s remarks, Chowdhury said that he is a part of the high command since he is a member of the Congress Working Committee.

Political analysts note that it is evident from these interactions that Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress may get softer treatment from the Congress high command, but Chowdhury is not prepared to accept that.

The Trinamool Congress leadership in this area has begun to portray Kharge’s statements as an acknowledgment of the Chief Minister’s long-standing assertion that only Mamata Banerjee’s party can challenge the BJP in West Bengal.

Notably, Chowdhury responded angrily on Friday to the Chief Minister’s previous remarks on lending foreign assistance to a potential INDIA bloc government after the elections.

“I do not trust her,” he murmured. She separated from the Group of India. She is now attempting to join us as she recognizes our growing strength as a country.

The political landscape in West Bengal may become more dynamic in the next few days due to the recent internal conflicts within the Congress about the Trinamool Congress, according to observers.

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