After Congress leaders called for Sandeep Singh to resign, there was a heated argument in the assembly, but CM Khattar rejected their demands

At the Haryana Assembly on Monday, there was a heated argument as the opposition parties requested that Minister Sandeep Singh quit due to accusations of sexual harassment brought against him. Manohar Lal Khattar, the chief minister, however, rejected it.

Manohar Lal Khattar addressed the assembly and said, “I have decided, I won’t be seeking my resignation. The Bharatiya Janata Party officials, including Sandeep Singh, beat their desks in agreement with his declaration that no resignation would be requested.

What took place today in the Haryana Assembly?
During the Zero Hour, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the opposition leader, led the Congress lawmakers in demanding Singh’s resignation.

Although Speaker Gian Chand Gupta said that this subject cannot be debated in Parliament since it is sub-judice, the Congress members asked that Sandeep Singh resign from his post or that the Chief Minister remove him from the council of ministers.

Khattar responded to the Congress by stating, “We know where we stand and where they (the opposition) stand on moral issues. We have to answer to the general public.

Additionally, it was allegedly said in the House by the opposition leader that the chief minister had used an improper term. Additionally, several Congressmen voiced their disapproval.

However, the Speaker said that if the specific word was on a list of impermissible terms, it would be removed.

The Speaker informed the Congress members that Sandeep Singh’s case was pending and said that “No sub-judice matter can be discussed here.” As they stood up, several rushed to the House Well.

According to reports, as Congress MPs shouted against the administration, BJP MLAs countered with their own chants.

The speaker then threatened to suspend the lawmakers and said, “I indicated the subject is sub-judice. Do you not respect the judicial system? Gian Chand Gupta in response to a claim that Sandeep Singh was being shielded by a Congressman.

According to senior Congressman Raghuvir Singh Kadian, the chief minister has been standing up for his minister Sandeep Singh.

Chief Minister Khattar also attacked the Congress, urging them to consider how many crimes committed against women and members of the Scheduled Caste occurred while they were in power.

Geeta Bhukkal, a member of Congress, said that it was strange that Sandeep Singh is still the minister despite the allegations against him, even though the state sports department had just suspended the woman coach who filed the complaint.

After a commotion over the Nuh violence problem, the speaker adjourned the House.

Sandeep Singh is accused of
Former India hockey captain and newly elected MLA Sandeep Singh is in charge of printing and stationery in the Haryana government. He had resigned from his position as head of the sports department “on moral grounds” after being charged with sexual harassment, but he maintained that the accusations made against him by the female coach were unfounded.

A charge sheet against Sandeep Singh was filed by the Chandigarh Police a few days ago; the case was registered approximately eight months prior to the filing of the charge sheet. Sandeep Singh has been charged with several offenses under the Indian Penal Code, including Sections 354 (assault or use of criminal force against a woman with the intent to offend her modesty), 354A (sexual harassment), 354B (assault or use of criminal force with the intent to disrobe), 342 (wrongful confinement), and 506 (criminal intimidation).

In response to Khattar’s remarks in the House on the Sandeep Singh matter, the lady coach’s attorney, Deepanshu Bansal, said on Monday that “today is a black day for women’s safety in Haryana.” I’m shocked to see how M. L. Khattar, Jr. is defending @flickersingh, who has been accused of sexual harassment offenses.

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