After the collapse of the Uttarkashi tunnel, an NHIDCL official said, “We are airlifting another machine from Indore”

Following the collapse of the tunnel that was being built, forty laborers were trapped within the Silkyara Tunnel. After six days, rescuers had succeeded in drilling through 24 meters of debris to reach the after the collapse of the uttarkashi tunnel an nhidcl official said we are airlift

“We are already 24 meters inside, which is a favorable position. Our goal is to get to the other end as quickly as we can.Another equipment that we are airlifting from Indore will arrive here tomorrow morning. Anshu Manish Khalkho, Director of NHIDCL, said today.

Rescuers used a modern auger drill equipment that was brought in from Delhi during the course of the night. They were able to dig through the rubble to a depth of 25 meters before the machine struck a metal portion inside, out of the projected 60 meters they would need to traverse to reach the trapped workers.

According to officials, drilling has stopped and attempts to cut through it using a gas cutter are presently on hold.

The goal of the rescue efforts is to free the workers who are trapped by creating a subterranean escape route using steel pipes measuring 800 and 900 meters. A simulated exercise for a “possible evacuation through the 900mm wide steel pipes” was also conducted by National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) members stationed at the location.

“The American auger is a very sophisticated drilling tool. The fifth pipe is now being welded in place after the first four have already been installed. Arpan Yadavanshi, the Uttarkashi Superintendant of Police, said this morning, “We will rescue all the laborers.”

According to the police officer, every technical professional was working nonstop to rescue the trapped laborers.

To safely rescue the laborers, the SDRF, NDRF, police, medical personnel, and fire department are coordinating with one another. In order to provide them medical attention as soon as they are rescued, we are also practicing a simulated rescue, SP Yadavanshi said.

Early on November 12, the Brahmakhal-Yamunotri national highway’s under-construction tunnel between Silkyara and Dandalgaon collapsed.

The company constructing the tunnel, National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, said in a statement made available to the media on Friday that 40 meters of the collapsed tunnel are currently being excavated using shotcreting, or concrete spraying, and that a cavity has formed 10 meters above the crown on both the left and right sides, as well as the beginnings of a chimney formation along the tunnel.

It said that a second shotcrete machine has been moved from RVNL Package-ll to the work site.

The 4531-meter Silkyara Tunnel, which is being built by NHIDCL via Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd at a cost of Rs 853.79 crore, is a component of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ Chardham Project, which connects the Gangotri and Yamunotri axis beneath the Radi pass region.

According to NHIDCL, the tunnel’s development would greatly assist pilgrims since it will decrease the route by 26 km, provide all-weather connection, and eliminate the need for them to travel an hour across narrow, steep, mountainous roads that are prone to landslides and accidents.

As of right moment, all trapped laborers are safe, an official notification states.

“With the labor force imprisoned within the tunnel, access to food, water, oxygen, and power is accessible. Additionally, little food packets have been pushed into the tunnel via a single compressed air pipe. According to what they told us, every worker who was stranded is safe,” the statement said.

Sources claim that personnel would be sent to Rishikesh AIIMS for treatment after the rescue operation.

Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has directed the state government to work with federal authorities and conduct rescue efforts around-the-clock, according to the Uttarakhand Chief Minister’s Office.

On Tuesday, District Magistrate Abhishek Ruhela and Dr. Prem Pokhriyal, the top physician at the District Hospital, entered the tunnel and spoke with the workers via the pipe.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reportedly assessing the efforts to free 40 workers who were trapped in the collapsed tunnel under construction in Uttarkashi, according to Dhami on Thursday.

“We communicate with the ensnared individuals on a regular basis. That’s where all the preparations are being made for them. Nobody is in danger. With just 400 meters remaining, the tunnel was almost finished thanks to work done by the NHIDCL. Now, let’s go over everything. Dhami said ANI, “PM Modi is keeping an eye on the rescue effort and is in constant communication with all of us.


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