AIADMK broke up its relations with the BJP in order to bring up TN-related concerns in Parliament: EPS

In order to operate independently and avoid being lured into the Parliament by “alliance dharma,” the AIADMK general secretary Edappadi K Palaniswami said on Sunday. This allowed the party to bring up Tamil Nadu-related concerns on its own. While supporting the DMDK (K Nallathambi – Thiruvallur) and AIADMK candidates (Royapuram R Mano for North Chennai), Palaniswami reaffirmed this viewpoint.

“The AIADMK would have kept up its alliance with the BJP if our goal had been to share power at the center.” What made us leave the BJP alliance? Despite disregarding the interests of the states, the Congress and the BJP took turns winning power at the federal level. It did not benefit the state to connect with national parties, according to Palaniswami.

“We are unable to speak up when legislation is passed at the federal level that impacts Tamil Nadu due to alliance dharma.” The AIADMK has broken away from the BJP-led alliance and created a front in order to alter the current situation, remain loyal to the voters who supported us, defend Tamil Nadu’s rights, secure welfare programs for the state, guarantee its economic growth, and be able to freely voice our opinions in Parliament, he continued.

According to Palaniswami, the DMK accomplished nothing for Tamil Nadu during its roughly 16 years as a coalition partner of other parties in the federal government. The DMK intends for members of their family to hold government posts, hold concurrent authority at the federal, state, and local levels, and amass wealth. According to the same theory, Stalin is now a member of the INDIA Bloc. However, he said, “the AIADMK and its alliance parties have come together as an alliance to raise people’s voices in Parliament and are there to fulfill the interests of the people.”

Palaniswami emphasized his opinions on the partnership with national parties in Kolathur. “MPs from our party may have become ministers if the AIADMK and the BJP had remained in their partnership. What matters, however, is our regard for ourselves. Our goal is to operate on our own. This won’t be feasible while in an alliance. At the national level, decisions are made by the national parties. Whether or whether the states are impacted is irrelevant to them. We broke away from the BJP coalition for that reason.

Additionally, Palaniswami added that Stalin was anxious about AIADMK leaving the BJP-led coalition and was afflicted with election fever. Stalin claims that there is a covert collaboration between the BJP and the EPS. Your claim is indicative of your perspective. He said, “This portrayal is not appropriate for a chief minister of his caliber.