Alumni of Hindu College Recall Special Moments as Boys Hostel is Replaced by New Building

The Hindu College’s boys dormitory, which is being demolished for a remake, has left many former residents expressing wistful over the renown structure that once sheltered images 2023 10 14t183344.997

According to Principal Anju Srivastava, the dormitory structure, which during the course of its eight-decade existence housed thousands of students, is too weak to continue in its current condition. The institution thus aims to “reconstruct” it.

“By 2026, the new building, which will have four stories and a stilt, will be completed. This would result in a doubling of its capacity to handle the college’s expanding student intake, Srivastava told PTI.

She explained the history of the building, stating that it is now a roughly 80-year-old construction that has undergone several financial investments to make it viable.

“We also hired experts to assess the hostel’s foundation to see whether it could support two more levels, but the foundation isn’t very sturdy. The hostel is under a great deal of strain. As a result, the governing council agreed to oversee the hostel’s reconstruction,” she stated.

She said that the new building, which would accommodate more than 500 kids and cost Rs 50 crore, should be finished in two to three years.

According to sources, the original structure has been shut down since the Covid-19 epidemic. Hindi film director Imtiaz Ali made a Facebook post on his time at the boys hostel after hearing about the “demolition” of the hostel building from fellow alumni.

“On Monday, I learned of the hostel’s demolition and reconstruction during an NAAC conference at my alma institution. As though a buddy had passed away. As I remembered my early years at the boys’ dormitory, I felt depressed and nostalgic. But in order to make room for the new, the old order must alter. Ali, a former student at the Delhi University institution, told PTI, “I am not going to get in the way.

He emphasized, however, that the institution must bear in mind that the new hostel maintains a certain style that is evocative of the past.

“In general, the college’s structure and design did not adhere to the finest planning in terms of visual appeal. When they recreate anything in the institution, it’s crucial to maintain that aesthetic in mind, he added.

Some alumni want to remove pieces of the hostel’s trash and save them as souvenirs.

Our soul is still present. The principal will get a proposal on this shortly after we have discussions with the other alumni, according to film director Nalin Singh, who spoke to PTI.

Former Hindu College principal Kavita Sharma said that one might choose to see this as a necessity to advance while keeping the remembrance of the past or evolve with time.

People would return with their relatives to show them their hostel while I was the principal. This will no longer occur thanks to the new building.

“fresh students will create fresh memories, but the present graduates won’t be able to recognize the building. Some aspect of history has to be preserved. The ancient and the modern should coexist in harmony, she said.

The boys dorm of Hindu College was constructed in 1953 on North Campus’ Sudhir Bose Marg. Numerous notable individuals, including politicians, government leaders, artists, and well-known performers, have graduated from the institution.

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