Amangal in Chambal: SHO arrives to take revenge for wounded soldier, caught in sand mafia firing, saves life by jumping in drain

Amangal in Chambal: SHO arrives to take revenge for wounded soldier, caught in sand mafia firing, saves life by jumping in drain

Even after lakhs of efforts, the sand mining mafia in Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh) is intent on doing what it wants. Khaki is also the target of millions of mafias involved in this black business. Never IPS officer (IPS officer) is afraid to settle this mafia. So often, on their target, the Halvadar-soldiers of the police station and even the SHO are coming. Another serious aspect of the picture is that the khaki who are on the target of their guns, the foreheads of the same khaki uniform are often accused of raising them (sand mining mafia).

On Thursday, one such shocking incident, these mafias carried out in Datia area. In which miscreants shot a soldier of Madhya Pradesh police on Thursday. The sand mafia involved in the incident was illegally bringing sand from Chambal Valley (Jalalpur). On the way, when the soldier questioned, the mafia fired at him. On the information that the soldier was shot, Superintendent of Police of Gwalior District Amit Sanghi made a strategy to surround the sand mafia. Under which these sand mafias were to be surrounded on the National Highway (National Highway) passing through Gwalior.

Police arrived to serve the captain's authority

On Friday, under the supervision of the District Police Captain, the police surrounded the sand-loaded trucks-tractor-trolleys in many areas. Many of the sand mining mafia seized loaded tractor-trolleys. Six crooks of arms and ammunition were also arrested. According to the Gwalior Superintendent of Police, when the SHO Police Old Cantt (TI) Sudhir Singh Kushwaha obstructed the path of the mining mafia through this operation, the face-to-face firing started from both sides. Police cantt in charge got trapped between the firing.

Sand mafia showers bullets on SHO

Armed goons of sand mafia surrounded Sudhir Singh and attacked him. After all the struggle, the police station head Sudhir Singh Kushwaha saved himself by jumping into a rivulet on the spot. It is said that the goons of the sand mafia, SHO also reach to explore the drain. Sharp-minded police station in-charge Sudhir Singh but did not get his hands on them. This encounter took place near Jalalpur railway bridge on Friday morning. Often, illegal mining is done by this route, tractor-trolleys filled with hidden sand are brought. As soon as they came to know about their goons going on motorcycles in front of illegal sand-loaded tractors, the road was blocked by trucks and dumpers, all of them were shocked. They started firing at the policemen.

Trying to crush SHO after firing bullets

According to the Gwalior District Police Officers, the attackers opened fire on seeing themselves surrounded by police parties. At the same time, he also tried to crush the police station in-charge Sudhir Singh Kushwaha with a vehicle loaded with sand. As usually this sand mafia has been doing this in all the previous incidents too. It is not that the Madhya Pradesh Police has come on the target of these mining mafias for the first time. Even before this, the police have often targeted their bullets.

IPS was crushed and killed in 2016

In the year 2016, these sand mining mafias surrounded the police at the crowded Niravalli Tirahe in the old Cantt Police Station area. In that incident, one such sand mafia gang had killed a forest worker by crushing them with their vehicles. That forest worker had reached the border of Morena district chasing the sand mafias. Before that incident, these mafias had killed IPS Narendra Kumar by tractor in Banmour police station area.

Kerala became its own country of fundamentalists, Nirmala Sitharaman targeted the CPI-M government

Kerala became its own country of fundamentalists, Nirmala Sitharaman targeted the CPI-M government

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday targeted the CPI (M) -led government of Kerala. He alleged that during its five-year reign, the state has become "its own country of fundamentalists", which is known as "God's own country". The minister also targeted Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan for his budget and questioned the role of Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board in budget making.

He criticized the alleged killing of an RSS worker in Alappuzha by SDPI activists last week. He alleged that violence is increasing in the Left ruled state. The Union Minister said, "I cry when I have to say that RSS pracharak Nandu Krishna was killed. Is this God's own country here? "

'Abuse of fundamentalists will not be questioned'

Sitharaman said these things while inaugurating a meeting organized by Kerala BJP President K Surendran on "Vijay Yatra". He alleged that the mistreatment of fundamentalists in Kerala will not be questioned as the CPI-M has an alliance with the SDPI through the back door.

'Why is Rahul avoiding going to those places'

At the same time, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan targeted Rahul Gandhi on Saturday. He questioned the Congress' silence in states like Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Puducherry and the Union Territory when they came to power. Vijayan also wanted to know why Rahul is not going to those states where the Congress is directly facing the BJP.

Vijayan questioned, "Rahul Gandhi is a prominent leader of the Congress Party. Is he going to the state where the Congress is directly competing with the BJP? What role did he play in Goa, Manipur, Bihar, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and more recently in Puducherry? Why is he silent about these states? Why is Congress national leader Rahul Gandhi refraining from going to places where his party is in direct competition with the BJP? ''

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