Amidst protests from the OBC group, the Maharashtra Assembly enacted a Maratha quota measure

The Maratha Reservation Bill was introduced in the house during today’s special session of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly and approved on Tuesday. The measure, which aims to provide Marathas 10% more reservation than the 50% threshold, was approved by all votes.

The leader of the opposition in the Maharashtra Assembly, Vijay Wadettiwar, said that the opposition parties back the demand for reservations made by the Maratha minority.

The state legislative council will now consider the Maratha Reservation Bill, and if it is approved, it would become a law.

I won’t make any political statements here since everyone here has similar opinions on the Maratha reservation. We could do it if you all cooperated. I fulfilled the pledge I made to the Maratha people. I extend my gratitude to all of my colleagues, particularly the other ministers and DCMs. “We are keeping our word today,” said Eknath Shinde, the chief minister of Maharashtra.

Our goal was to work around the clock, day and night, to resolve this matter properly. We are implementing the Maharashtra government’s complete commitment to provide reservations to Marathas today. I used to hear from Devendra ji and Ajit Pawar ji all the time that we must provide the Maratha community reservations by any means necessary. When Devendra ji was the Chief Minister, he granted reservations to the Maratha community, and the High Court affirmed those decisions. But regrettably, the honorable Supreme Court overturned it for an unknown cause,” the CM said.

As a result, we have reorganized the Backward Classes Commission this time around, followed the Supreme Court’s directive to conduct a survey, and after gathering the required information, we intend to grant them reservations. We are prepared to grant this reservation now that we have made every effort to abide by the laws and regulations,” he said.

People from the OBC community protest.

OBC community members protested against CM Shinde’s “unfair” decision to provide their quota to the Maratha group earlier in the day.

They said that while they support the demand for a Maratha quota, it was incorrect to take reservations from the OBC group.

“Manoj Jarange’s demand to accept reservations from OBC is incorrect, but we are not against Maratha reservations.” He used blackmail to force the government to abolish the OBC’s political reservation. One of the OBC community’s protesting members said, “The government can give separate reservations to Marathas, but OBC reservation should not be given.”

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