Amritpal Singh, a radical preacher, is still missing, while four of his captured accomplices were taken to Dibrugarh

Amritpal Singh, a radical preacher, is still missing, while four of his captured accomplices were taken to Dibrugarh

On Sunday, four detained members of a group led by Amritpal Singh, a supporter of Khalistan, were transported to Dibrugarh in Assam even as the search for the radical preacher and his accomplices continued.

The suspension of mobile internet and SMS services was also extended by the Punjab government till Monday noon, and security forces organised flag marches at a number of locations around the state, including Amritsar, Jalandhar, and Ludhiana. The state government has shut down the internet and SMS services as of Saturday afternoon. According to the police, four of Amritpal's friends who were detained in Punjab have been transported to Dibrugarh.

A policeman said simply, "They were carried on a special aircraft and housed in Dibrugarh central jail. The cops had said that they will apprehend the runaway extremist preacher shortly.

78 members of an organisation led by Amritpal were detained by the police as part of a huge crackdown on him that the Punjab government initiated on Saturday, according to authorities.

Even though officials increased security at various locations in the northern state, the elusive preacher managed to elude their dragnet when his cavalcade was stopped in Jalandhar district. All mobile internet services (2G/3G/45/5G/CDMA/GPRS), all SMS services (excluding banking and mobile recharge), and all dongle services provided on mobile networks, aside from voice calls, in the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab shall be further suspended from March 19 (12.00 hours) to March 20 (12.00 hours), in accordance with the authority granted to me under the India Telegraph Act, 1885, in order to prevent any incitement to violence and any disturbance of peace and quiet "a statement made in a Sunday official order.

According to the order made by the additional chief secretary, the internet services are not being terminated to prevent disruptions to banking operations, medical services, and other crucial services.

Security was also increased in Amritpal's home hamlet of Jallupur Khera, where his father Tarsem Singh said that his son had been taken into custody by the police.

"Since yesterday, there has been no information regarding him. He seems to have already been imprisoned, "said he.

There is no need to be afraid since Amritpal (the young man) hasn't done anything illegal, Tarsem remarked, adding that his son was weaning the young man off narcotics.

Police Commissioner Kuldeep Singh Chahal told reporters in Jalandhar on Sunday that Amritpal will be taken into custody shortly.

Chahal retorted when asked whether there had been any "lapses" in the probe since there had been no word on the preacher's location despite the fact that his followers were being detained.

A game of "chor" (thief) and "sipahi" is being played (police). They (the criminals) sometimes succeed in escaping. But Amritpal will shortly be taken into custody "said he.

According to the top police officer, security agents were pursuing Amritpal's car when he managed to flee.

"For 20 to 25 miles, his (Amritpal's) car was being pursued. As there were tight streets and he (his car) was in the front, he was obviously at an advantage. Yet, he managed to escape by switching to another vehicle "Chahal lamented.

The two cars owned by Amritpal, he said, had been confiscated.

Nobody will be permitted to disrupt the peace and harmony of the area, the Jalandhar police commissioner and members of the Rapid Action Force said during a flag march in Jalandhar. Strict action would be taken against the offending parties.

The Waris Punjab De (WPD), led by Amritpal, was the subject of a "major statewide cordon and search operations (CASO)" by the police. Amritpal was the subject of multiple criminal prosecutions.

The police intervention occurs before Amritpal's "Khalsa Wahir," a religious procession, departs from the Muktsar region.

Nine firearms, including one.315 bore rifle, seven 12 bore rifles, one revolver, and 373 live rounds of various calibres have so far been found during the countrywide search, according to police.

The WPD components were allegedly engaged in four criminal instances, including one involving the attempted murder of a police officer and three others involving attacks on police officers and barriers to their legitimate performance of their duties, according to information provided by the police.

For the assault on the Ajnala Police Station, WPD members are named in a FIR from February 24.

Amritpal and his followers battled with police at the Ajnala Police Station outside of Amritsar last month in order to free one of Amritpal's aides. Some of the supporters were armed with swords and weapons.

Six police officers, including a superintendent of police rank officer, were hurt during the event, and the AAP administration in the state was heavily criticised and accused of caving in to radicals.

Dubai-returned Amritpal was appointed the organization's leader last year. Waris Punjab De was started by actor and activist Deep Sidhu, who passed away in a car accident in February of that year.