Amritpal Singh: After a police pursuit, there was a massive search in the Hoshiarpur hamlet for several abandoned vehicles

Amritpal Singh: After a police pursuit, there was a massive search in the Hoshiarpur hamlet for several abandoned vehicles

The extreme preacher Amritpal Singh and his supporters may be in the Hoshiarpur hamlet, thus the Punjab Police have initiated a large door-to-door search operation there.

As soon as the police started the operation late on Tuesday night after several suspects abandoned their car after a pursuit, there was a significant police presence in and around the Marnaian settlement.

According to police sources, a squad from the Punjab Police's counterintelligence division pursued a car out of Phagwara on Tuesday night because they thought the fugitive Amritpal and his assistant could be inside.

According to police reports, the three to four suspects escaped after leaving their car in the vicinity of the Gurdwara Bhai Chanchal Singh in Marnaian hamlet.

In order to find the suspects, a cordon and search operation were started on Tuesday night in and around the hamlet, and checkpoints and barriers were set up on the routes.

In an effort to find the culprits, police had also undertaken a door-to-door search operation late on Tuesday night.

When the extremist preacher in favor of Khalistan escaped the Punjab Police's dragnet, the force has been on high alert.

Since a police raid on him and members of his pro-Khalistan "Waris Punjab De" group on March 18, or three weeks after he and his followers stormed the Ajnala police station outside of Amritsar to seek the release of a detained man, Amritpal Singh has been unreachable.

On March 18, the preacher evaded the police chase in the Jalandhar area by swapping cars and posing as someone else.

He and his colleagues have been charged with a number of crimes, including inciting class strife, attempting to kill people, attacking police officers, and obstructing public officials from carrying out their duties in accordance with the law.

On social media on Tuesday, a fresh video of Amritpal Singh and his significant supporter Papalpreet Singh appeared, showing the pro-Khalistan preacher without a turban and donning a mask.

The undated CCTV video, allegedly from a market in Delhi, shows the wanted man wearing sunglasses and going along a street. Papalpreet Singh could be seen following after him while carrying a suitcase.

There is no official statement from Punjab Police on the recent video.

According to a senior member of the Delhi Police, they are looking into whether Amritpal Singh and his assistant are the people in the video.