Amritpal Singh was forcibly returned to India by the Pakistani espionage organisation ISI

Amritpal Singh was forcibly returned to India by the Pakistani espionage organisation ISI

According to sources, Pakistan's external espionage agency ISI has been the driving force behind Amritpal Singh's return to India with the intention of reviving terrorism in Punjab with the aid of foreign Sikh separatists.

About 30-year-old Singh was a truck worker in Dubai until the ISI radicalised him and used supporters of Khalistan headquartered outside of India to send Punjab back to the gloomy era of terrorism, they said.

The extremist Sikh preacher had been publicly making remarks about declaring independence from India and establishing Khalistan, and had been threatening Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Punjab Chief Minister Bagwant Singh Mann. He mentioned the terrorist assassinations of former prime minister Indira Gandhi and chief minister Beant Singh.

Beant Singh was assassinated by Dilawar Singh, who served as a human bomb, while Gandhi was killed by her own guards. Many Dilawars, according to the extremist preacher, were prepared for the situation in Punjab today.

He had publicly backed separatism and the creation of Khalistan, whether it was at the rally he held in Tarn Taran on this year's Republic Day or in media appearances.

He incited the Sikh youngsters to resort to armed revolt against the democratically elected governments in order to fight the apparently unfair treatment being mete to accomplish the 'ultimate aim' of the creation of 'Khalistan', the authorities added.

At a gathering in Rode in the Moga district, Singh had said that only Sikhs should reign over the people of Punjab and that non-Sikh governments had no right to do so.

He has been dressing and acting like the terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, who was shot dead in 1984 during Operation Blue Star, by adopting his mannerisms, carrying an arrow, maintaining a squad of armed bodyguards, and using religion as a shield.

Additionally, Lakhbir Singh Rode, the head of the International Sikh Youth Federation and a man wanted for trial in India on charges of smuggling weapons (including the explosive RDX), conspiring to assassinate government officials in New Delhi, and inciting hatred in Punjab, is said to have connections to Singh, who is currently on the run.

Following Singh's actions, the authorities said that he kept in communication with Rode's brother Jaswant during his time in Dubai.

In order to establish his organisation, Singh returned to Punjab at the request of the ISI and enlisted Amrit Sanchar's assistance. They said that he afterwards started a campaign dubbed "Khalsa Waheer" and developed his organisation by visiting the communities.

By bringing up religion, he sparked the Punjabi concerns and began stirring the Sikhs against the government.

A source said that Singh began taking advantage of the emotions in the name of religion and that the lowest classes of society and aimless young were his easy targets.

He attempted to create an army of disaffected young who were prepared to confront the state in the guise of organising Amritpan Ceremony to baptise Sikh youth and link them with religion, according to authorities.

His so-called army vandalised two Gurdwaras for allegedly maintaining some furniture for the elderly and crippled people to sit on, disregarding the sacredness of reverent locations like a Gurdwara.

The authorities claim that his principal objective was to drive Punjab into the tough and costly decades of insurgency that were ultimately conquered.

The authorities said that Pakistan provided funding to the organisation led by Singh.

With the aid of his uncle Harjit Singh, the hardline Sikh preacher had taken over Waris Punjab De's financial management, turning it into a family-run business.

They said that the so-called preacher had used Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji during his agitation in February for his own purposes, which was seen as a kind of blasphemy.

The whole Sikh community denounced Singh's actions, and in response, Shri Akal Takht Sahib set up a committee and demanded an inquiry.

According to the authorities, Singh went to Jathedar Akal Takht and intimidated him into keeping quiet.

The Ajnala event, according to Singh, was "not violence," but he also promised to use "serious violence" in the future.