An 11-year-old rape survivor’s request for an abortion is denied by Rajasthan HC

JAIPUR: Noting that a “fully developed fetus also has right to life, to enter this world and live a healthy life without any abnormalities,” the Rajasthan High Court denied the 11-year-old rape survivor’s request to end her 31-week pregnancy.

The fetus is gaining weight and its critical organs are completely formed, according to the medical board’s view, according to an order signed on Wednesday by Justice Anoop Kumar Dhand, a copy of which was made public on Friday.
“It is closer to natural birth, so termination of the pregnancy cannot be allowed,” Justice Dhand said. He continued by saying that the Punjab and Haryana High Courts had rejected abortion in two instances that were comparable to his.
The HC drew attention to the medical board’s opinion that MTP would not be safe for the petitioner and would even endanger her life. The juvenile filed a petition to end her pregnancy, citing the fact that the child was conceived via rape and would serve as a continual reminder of the horrors inflicted upon her. She continued, saying that having a child would not be beneficial to her physical or emotional well-being.
The girl is to be admitted to the government’s “Bailka Grah” and receive all required care, including wholesome food and medical attention before to and after her birth, as per the court’s subsequent directive. “Also, till she becomes mature other facilities, including her education should be provided,” the judge said.

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