An activist Kerala student was arrested for setting Governor Arif Mohammed Khan’seffigy on fire

In response to their “dangerous act” of burning a massive effigy of Governor Arif Mohammed Khan “using petrol” at Payyambalam beach on Sunday evening, Kerala Police have filed a complaint against SFI state president K Anusree and eight other people.

The Indian Penal Code (IPC) has many provisions that the SFI leaders have allegedly been charged under. These include 143 (unlawful assembly), 147 (penalty for rioting), and 285 (negligent conduct respecting fire or combustible).

After the incident on New Year’s Eve at the beach, the Kannur town police opened a case on their own, accusing him of “communalizing” the state’s education system.

Under the thirty-foot-tall Khan effigy, Anusree lighted a fire and other members of the student organization held up placards. As chancellor of universities, Khan nominated right-wing Hindu activists to state university senates, a move that sparked protests from the SFI.

Khan’s nominations to the senate of certain state colleges have sparked an argument verbally between the SFI, the Governor, and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

Khan has claimed that he is being targeted because the SFI and the state government no longer have control over the state’s institutions. He has cited a recent Supreme Court decision that declared Gopinath Ravindran’s reappointment as vice-chancellor of Kannur University to be illegal.

According to a statement from the Raj Bhavan, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan made the decision earlier on December 1 to appoint Professor Bijoy Nandan as Vice-Chancellor of Kannur University in Kerala.

This occurred one day after the Supreme Court invalidated a notice about the reappointment of the vice-chancellor of Kannur University, concluding that the appointment amounted to an unjustified state government involvement.

An official from Raj Bhavan said, “Professor Bijoy Nandan will take charge as Vice Chancellor of Kannur University.”

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