An interstate police conference was conducted at Pathankot ahead of the Lok Sabha election

During today’s inter-state police coordination conference in Pathankot, the BSF was requested to provide sufficient protection for communities close to the border.

Additionally, the BSF was requested to keep an eye on and then take action against the drones that were flying in from Pakistan with payloads of weapons, ammunition, and heroin. The governments of Punjab, J&K, and HP agreed to exchange a list of declared offenders and known criminals.

Jointly chairing the meeting were Shashank Anand, DIG, Station Headquarters, Gurdaspur; Sunil Gupta, DIG, Jammu range; and Rakesh Kaushal, DIG, Border range. Senior authorities from J&K and HP, Punjab Excise Department officials, Pathankot SSP Suhail Qasim Mir, and Gurdaspur SSP Harish Dayama were also present. Aditya Uppal, the deputy commissioner for Pathankot, was also present.

The Punjab DGP gave the order to call the meeting. The purpose of the proceedings was supposedly to make sure that nothing untoward occurs in the lead-up to the elections.

Additionally, it was determined to expand the number of nakas, or checkposts, on the routes used to enter and depart interstate borders. There was a lot of discussion over the role Village Defence Committees played.

The Punjab Police was requested to work in tandem with the HP and J&K police to prevent drug sales in the villages of Channi Beli, Damtal, and Bhadroya. These regions of HP are all thought to be the center for drug smuggling. Police have often said that if tight restrictions are put in place in certain areas, drug sales in Punjab and HP may be stopped. These three villages are renowned to be the source of narcotics for addicts from all across Punjab. There have been previous attempts to stop the sales, but as soon as the police turn a blind eye, drug traffickers begin operating at large once again. It was determined to crack down severely on smugglers operating out of these locations in light of this revelation.

A detailed search will also be conducted of the deras of Gujjars (nomads) residing close to the international border.

In order to ensure that nothing untoward occurs before to the polls and to keep each other updated on any new events, the officers made the decision to maintain constant communication with one another using social media platforms.

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