Antilia bomb scare case: Was Mansukh Hiren disturbed by police investigation? Screw on murder or suicide

Antilia bomb scare case: Was Mansukh Hiren disturbed by police investigation? Screw on murder or suicide

The death of car owner Mansukh Hiren Death in the case of Antilia bomb scare case outside Mukesh Ambani's house has made the case very complicated. Initial investigation said that Mansukh Hiren committed suicide. Mansukh's family rejected it outright. Mansodh's brother Vinod Hiren has said directly that his brother has been killed. Wife Vimal and son have also categorically denied suicide.

Meanwhile, state leader of opposition Devendra Fadnavis has said that he has seen the dead body, hands were tied. Does someone like this commit suicide? A postmortem report is awaited. An officer was questioned yesterday by Devendra Fadnavis that how did he first reach the spot? Why were they assigned the task of investigation? Today, Raj Thackeray's party MNS has also asked that why all important investigation is given to Sachin Waje? MNS spokesman Sandeep Deshpande said that Sachin Waje had joined the Shiv Sena in 2008.

Mansukh was upset with police questioning?

By the time the news is written, the post-mortem work has been completed. Just waiting for the report. Meanwhile, TV9 has a letter from Mansukh Hiren. Which he has written in the name of Chief Minister, Home Minister and Commissioner of Police Mumbai and Thane. The date of 2 March morning is written in the letter. In this letter, Mansukh also wrote the name of Sachin Waje in the letter, Mansukh Hiren wrote that on February 25, at 11 pm 2-3 police of the ATS came to my house and told me about the related Scorpio car that it was with Mukesh Ambani Has been found outside the house.

He made inquiries till 11.45 and left. After this, in the letter, Mansukh, referring to Ghatkopar Police Station, writes that after this, 4-5 policemen from Ghatkopar Police Station came and questioned him and went away. After this, 4 policemen came from Vikhroli police station at 2 am on February 26 and took me to the police station, I was detained and I was questioned till 6 am. After this they left me to my house too.

Mansukh's letter mentions Sachin Waje

After this, Mansukh, referring to February 27 in his letter, says that he got a call from Vikhroli police station at 11 am. After this, at 3 o'clock in the evening, he got a call from Ghatkopar Police Station. After this, Mansukh writes that “I got a call from Nagpada ATS on 1 March. I received a call from Sachin Waje from CIU's Mumbai office. I was questioned a long time there. The same questions were being asked again and again. " After this, Mansukh Hiren writes that he was surrounded by NIA officials. Joint CP Mr. Bhamre questioned him.

'Repeated questioning has disturbed my mental peace'

In the same letter, in the columns number 5 and 6, for the first time, Mansukh Hiren mentions the troubles caused by the police inquiry, "This inquiry by different agencies has disturbed my peace of mind. Despite being a victim, I am being treated like an accused. "He further writes that he is also being questioned on behalf of different news papers and news channels, which has troubled him. He further writes, "Yesterday at 9.39 pm I received a call from a reporter named Faizan Khan from mid-day, he told me that I am a suspect in this case. "

He further writes in the letter that he is being harassed despite that he does not know anything about the crime. He has written that why he is being harassed after all while he has given all the details that he was aware of. It is clear that Mansukh Hiren was troubled by the inquiry.

Sachin Waje replies after being suspected by Fadnavis

Meanwhile, the police officer who was accused by the Leader of Opposition Devendra Fadnavis on Friday, how did he first reach the spot? The same crime branch officer Sachin Waje has also received a reply in which he has denied that he reached the scene of the incident first. They say that four policemen and officers had arrived before them. In which there were officers from the rank of Senior Police Inspector to DCP. That is, in this case, the knots are getting entangled. At present, the post mortem report is awaited.

Maharashtra: Lockdown rules will be given concession or will continue to be strict, may be decided in the meeting of all-party leaders today

Maharashtra: Lockdown rules will be given concession or will continue to be strict, may be decided in the meeting of all-party leaders today

The Maharashtra government imposed a severe Maharashtra lockdown on Monday to stop the second wave of Corona. Except for essential items, other shops are ordered to be closed till the 30th. This has caused resentment among the traders. Traders landed at many places in the state. The Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce has given a warning to open all shops from Monday. The BJP has given its support to the traders. On the other hand, seeing the transition of the corona in the state not decreasing, the working of the state government is being questioned on behalf of the central government.

Amidst these conditions, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray (CM Uddhav Thackeray) has called a meeting of all party meeting today. In this meeting, the status of corona infection, lack of vaccine, relaxation of the ban or a strong lockdown and the 10th-12th examination are to be considered and decided.

Three weeks of lockdown signs

Talking to Tv9, Congress leader and Minister Vijay Vadettivar on Friday indicated the lockdown of three weeks. Apart from them, some other leaders also believe that the weekend lockdown will not control corona. If the lives of innocent people are to be saved, the lockdown will have to be prolonged. There are also some festivals this week, due to which there is a possibility of increasing crowds in the markets. Therefore, many leaders are of the opinion that for at least a week, a strong lockdown should be imposed or else the situation will become more explosive due to increased crowd. As it is, there is a shortage of oxygen and ventilators beds in the state. The vaccine is falling short. Therefore, tightening the rules is the only solution.

While the traders have warned that shops will be opened in any condition from Monday. Now in such a situation, everyone's eyes are fixed on what the state government decides.

What will be the decision on the 10th-12th examination?

There is a constant demand that in view of the crisis of Corona, the 10th-12th examination should be canceled or its date should be extended. Examinations of first to eighth and ninth and eleventh have already been canceled in the state. All these students have been ordered to promote in the next class. Now to see what the state government decides about the 10th-12th examination.

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