Anurag claims Rahul’s statement was motivated by fear of losing the vote

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, generally talks incoherently and makes people laugh. Anurag Thakur, the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, said in this room today that no one takes him seriously anymore. He was speaking with reporters outside of the Tridev Sammelan that was being held at the Basant Resort, which is not far from here. He said that Rahul Gandhi’s claim that drug misuse was prevalent among Uttar Pradesh’s youth was the product of his annoyance and anxiety about losing the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

He said that Rahul Gandhi need to remember that his family has been elected from Uttar Pradesh four times. He went on to say that his words would stick in people’s minds and that the Congress would not win a single seat in Uttar Pradesh in the Lok Sabha.

According to Anurag, the Congress administration in Himachal Pradesh has fallen short of the public’s expectations and the election promises. In addition, he said that, contrary to what was said before to the most recent Assembly elections, neither five lakh employment nor the purchase of milk nor cow dung had been given.

He said that the BJP has won three states’ recent Assembly elections handily. When the Congress was in power in many states, the party had already won the Lok Sabha elections. He went on to say that the BJP will easily win the Lok Sabha elections this time around as well. He predicted that the NDA will win more than 400 seats and the BJP more than 370 seats.

Anurag had before mentioned that workers were the BJP’s core and that each worker should try to increase the margin of votes in his voting place. This was during his speech to the Tridev Sammelan. He went on to say that everyone should be made aware of the many welfare programs the Union Government has launched for all societal segments.

He claimed that the Hamirpur parliamentary constituency has completed a number of development projects, such as the establishment of the AIIMS in Bilaspur, the Hydro Engineering College in Bilaspur, the Medical College in Hamirpur, and the building of new highways. He continued by saying that by 2047, Prime Minister Narendra Modi intended for India to be a developed country.

A second “Tridev Sammelan” of the Kutlehar BJP was subsequently addressed by Anurag at Thanakalan hamlet, Bangana subdivision of Una district. He discussed the social programs and development projects that the Narendra Modi administration has started. He urged party members to spread the word about the accomplishments of the Central Government.

He said that certain Congress leaders in Himachal were known for making noise while doing nothing to promote public welfare and development.

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