As Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal opens the School of Eminence in Ludhiana, he claims that previous administrations disregarded the health and education sectors

Arvind Kejriwal, the national convener of the AAP and chief minister of Delhi, said on Sunday that the average person wants their children to have a quality education and that knowledge is the key to ending poverty in the nation.

Kejriwal spoke during the joint opening of the School of Eminence at Indrapuri in Ludhiana with Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann.

The national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) expressed his happiness over the 13 additional schools of eminence, including the one in Ludhiana, that are being opened throughout Punjab today.

“One does not believe it is a government school when we enter the school,” Kejriwal said of the Ludhiana school. I dare anybody to create a school with the type of classrooms, labs, and other amenities it has in the private sector, and they would have retained at least Rs 10,000 in monthly fees.

He said that the School of Eminence would now have state-of-the-art facilities for the children of laborers, the impoverished, farmers, electricians, plumbers, and others.

Kejriwal made fun of the past Punjabi administrations by saying they disregarded the health and education systems.

“I continue to go to Punjab often. Mann and Kejriwal, the two chief ministers, are now visiting government schools while on a trip to Punjab. Did any CM before care whether the government schools were operating effectively? In order to assess how things are going, two CMs are now visiting the hospitals and Mohalla Clinics, he said.

According to Kejriwal, all a regular guy wants for his kids is for them to grow up to be self-sufficient and educated.

The only thing that will allow us to eradicate poverty in our nation is education. He said, “If we provide our kids with a strong education, they can grow up to be capable adults who can steer the nation toward prosperity.

Kejriwal further up his criticism of the past administrations, saying, “We never declared that the coffers are empty, as the politicians used to say before. We provide free electricity and free therapy. Before, all proceeds went into their residences. Now, the public welfare is the exclusive use of it.

However, you can see how the Center is bothering us. I am working on it in Delhi. However, Kejriwal said, “Mann is at odds with the governor, the BJP, and the Center in Punjab.

Punjab’s money of Rs 8,000 crore is being withheld by the Center; it is not being released. The money belongs to the people of Punjab, not to them. He said, “So many development projects could have been started with this money.”

The Punjabi people were urged by the AAP national convener to support his party’s candidates in the Lok Sabha elections.

“In the Punjab Assembly elections of 2022, we won 92 seats out of 117 thanks to the blessings you bestowed upon us.” Give us 13 seats, and Mann’s hands will be stronger, enabling him to defend your rights with more vigor, Kejriwal said.

Following the opening of the Ludhiana school of eminence, Kejriwal recalled the poor state of government schools in Delhi during the AAP’s election to power.

Kejriwal further said that they were all astounded by the student’s response when they approached him at a government school in the nation’s capital and informed him that the next generation of citizens is the country’s destiny.

“When we informed him that the next generation is the nation’s future, he responded by saying that students attending private schools, not those in public ones, are the nation’s future. The same youngster expressed optimism that government school students will likewise shape the future of the nation when we had the chance to visit the school a few years later, during a full makeover.

According to Kejriwal, because those youngsters are now receiving equal opportunity, their aspirations will undoubtedly come true and they have also acquired confidence.

He mentioned several children at the Ludhiana school who expressed their desire to become scientists, physicians, and mechanical engineers.

Kejriwal said, “I say this with pride: Bhagwant Mann’s government is providing the best education to the poorest of the poor.”

“A test was conducted and 8,200 students were admitted from the one lakh applicants for admission in the Schools of Eminence that were already open,” he said.

Mann remarked, “The AAP does politics of development and not politics of hate or caste,” during his speech at the event. We discuss constructing excellent hospitals and schools, providing free electricity, and developing infrastructure.

Mann said, “I wish we had such facilities during our time,” in reference to the school.

He said, “Many parents told me that many things are boasted in private schools, whereas after admission is taken that output is not there.”

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