Astronomy and space science workshop series will be launched by SPACE India and the American Center

May 14, New Delhi: ROOM An astronomy and space science workshop series will be launched by India, a space education organization, in collaboration with the American Center, it said on Tuesday.

The monthly workshop series is an important turning point in the long history of Indo-US ties, while simultaneously working to promote space science and astronomy education at the local level.

The first “Get Set, Make Hydraulic System for Space Applications” workshop was held by SPACE India on Monday at the American Center in New Delhi as part of the cooperation.

“The session had a really deep effect, and participants came away with a renewed regard and appreciation for the possibilities that were offered. Their deeper comprehension will definitely spur further research and development, opening doors to a world of opportunities that were previously thought to be unattainable,” stated Sachin Bahmba, CMD and founder of Space Group.

The free, two-hour program, which was designed specifically for kids between the ages of 13 and 18, examined the dynamism that fluid physics conveyed.

Once the students had the information, they used fundamental concepts to create space-inspired astronomical models. The participants solved problems by delving into the principles of hydraulics and its applications in space.

Additionally, the program included hands-on engineering experiences, including building a functional model of a system inspired by space and investigating practical uses of hydraulics in space exploration.

“This is the start of an incredible trip. The organization hopes to expand the workshop’s audience in the near future. “It promises to touch the lives of countless individuals, empowering them to explore both themselves and the wondrous realms that lie beyond,” the statement reads.

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