At St John’s convocation, 283 students get their diplomas

During St. John’s Medical College’s 57th Annual Convocation and College Day on Tuesday, 283 students—148 MBBS students, 109 postgraduates, 24 super specialty postgraduates, and two PhD scholars—were awarded their degrees.

In Karnataka, sixteen postgraduate students were ranked among the top five universities. Drs. Jeganish in community medicine, Shawn Serrao in psychiatry, and Arkaja Tripathy in radiation oncology were the three who were awarded the university gold prize.

Of the 24 PG students with exceptional specializations, ten earned spots among the state’s top 5 universities. In addition, four of them—Drs. Priyanka J. in Critical Care, Anjali S. Raj. in Neonatology, Dyan D. Souza. in Pediatric Surgery, and Devamish GN. in Gastroenterology—acquired the top spot at the university.

The main visitor was Tessy Thomas, the former vice-chancellor of NICHE University in Kanyakumari and dubbed “The Missile Woman of India” for her work in Aeronautical Systems at DRDO.

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