Available now! Cast your vote to get a 20% hotel discount

Two hotel and restaurant groups are providing discounts to voters who use their universal franchise in an effort to increase voter participation for the Lok Sabha elections, which are scheduled for May 25.

Attractive incentives have been revealed by the Karol Bagh Hotel and Restaurant Association and the Lodging House Owners Association. A special discount will be available to voters who use their democratic right and provide evidence of voting by showing the ink mark on their finger.

Reservations for lodging at hotels connected with the Lodging House Owners Association will get a twenty percent discount; similarly, reservations at enterprises under the Delhi Hotel and Restaurant Owners Association will receive comparable privileges.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is pushing this campaign in an effort to motivate voters to cast ballots and fulfill their civic responsibilities. The local body expects to see an increase in voter participation and increased civic involvement in the Karol Bagh and Najafgarh zones by offering concrete rewards.

“We believe that every vote counts, and it is essential to encourage citizens to exercise their democratic right,” stated Abhishek Mishra, Deputy Commissioner of the Karol Bagh zone. “To that end, the Public Health Department of MCD is approaching traders of the Karol Bagh area to ask if they can also come forward with enticing offers.”

A similar programme has been launched by the MCD’s Najafgarh zone, where the Hotel and Guest House Association is offering a 20% “Democracy Discount” on Mahipalpur room rentals. Voters who reserve their lodging within 24 hours of casting may get the discount.

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