Babun, Mamata Banerjee’s brother, does not vote since his name is not on the list

Babun Banerjee, the youngest brother of West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee, was unable to vote on Monday because his name was not on the voter list, according to an election officer.

Babun, a Howrah town voter, went to a polling place to cast his ballot after realizing his name was missing from the list.

“The whole issue is being investigated by the Indian Election Commission. TMC spokesman Shantanu Sen said that only it could explain why this occurred.

After the TMC renominated incumbent MP Prasun Banerjee for the Howrah Lok Sabha seat in March, Babun had voiced his dissatisfaction. At that point, Mamata Banerjee said she made the decision to break off contact with him and disown him.

Babun was said to be running as an independent from that seat after the TMC declined to nominate him there. He had said that he was guaranteed a ticket by the party.

Rumor had it that Babun was thinking of joining the BJP.

In addition to serving as the secretary of the Bengal Boxing Association, Babun is the president of the Bengal Olympic Association, the Bengal Hockey Association, and the TMC sports division.

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