Banana is swapped out for kinnow for lunch

In Tuesday midday meals at state-run government schools, know will take the place of banana. The farmers had requested that the fruit be included in the students’ midday meal since minnows are cultivated in huge numbers in Abohar and Fazilka. This would assist the farmers in the state as well.

The fruit, which will come from Fazilka, will be distributed by Block Panchayat Education Officers who have been designated by the Education Department.

An education official, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “We arranged for bananas from our own pockets as the department would never send the funds in time.” “From now on, the Education Department will be the one to make the payment and kinnows will be supplied straight from the farmers. However, we have been requested to make arrangements for the car to be unloaded, and the schools will be paying for this. This will be paid back. Schools have a difficult time managing their finances since many still do not have enough money for midday meals.

Every Tuesday, kinnows are expected to go across all 19 blocks in the district.

Kinnows from Fazilka come.

On Monday night, kinsnows from Fazilka arrived in Ludhiana, where they were dispersed on Tuesday.
Numerous blocks’ worth of teachers protested that going to the block offices or centers to pick up the fruit was not part of their job description. Numerous educators said that they used autorickshaws to deliver large sacks of kinnows to classrooms.

According to a teacher from Ludhiana Block 2, in order to get the fruit, she had to go from her city home to the Housing Board Colony. It took me two hours to get back. Although getting the kinnows is not our responsibility, we will sadly need to go for the fruit every Tuesday. It’s a challenging assignment, she said.

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