Belagavi couple who attacked the man’s mother after they ran away

Tuesday night, the pair who had fled to the point when the man’s mother was paraded about in nothing but his underwear showed up at the Belagavi police commissioner’s office to ask for protection from the authorities.

According to Belagavi Police Commissioner SN Siddaramappa, the department had sent teams out to find the pair right away in order to stop them from acting rashly. The commissioner said, “The police and Home Minister G Parameshwar were concerned for the couple’s well-being following untoward incidents that occurred after their escape.” Thankfully, the pair avoided making any such choices and made it back without incident.

The officer said that Minister Parameshwar had given the police instructions to find the couple as soon as possible since he understood the dire consequences of leaving them alone for too long.

The returning pair disclosed during the initial investigation that they were very troubled and felt terrible and humiliated about the effect of their elopement on their families, according to a senior police official who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “Our families are receiving such insults as a result of us. The pair was cited by the officer as stating, “Not only are we unable to show our faces to society, but so are our family.

The pair went on to say that when they left their houses, they had no idea the situation would become so bad.

Both from the same neighborhood in Vantamuri village in Belagavi taluk, the 24-year-old male and the 22-year-old lady (names withheld per HC direction on Wednesday) had been in love for two years. As the girl’s wedding engagement with another guy was set for Monday evening, they decided to elope on Sunday night.

“I adore my partner and have made it clear to my parents and other family members that I would only wed him and not anyone else. An officer cited the woman’s testimony, saying, “I persuaded my man to elope from our homes to avoid getting engaged to the other man fixed for the next day evening.”

Furious members of the girl’s family raided the man’s home at night in retaliation for her elopement, looting furniture and abusing his mother. Around 12:30 a.m. on Monday, the 42-year-old lady was tied to an electric pole after being paraded around her home for around 100 meters in her undies. About four in the morning, the cops came to her aid.

Home Minister Parameshwar, District In-Charge Minister Satish Jarkiholi, and Women and Child Development Minister Lakshmi Hebbalkar visited and comforted the stunned lady on Monday after she sought sanctuary at the government hospital. The police department limited access to her, allowing only immediate family to see her because of her need for rest. In order to assist her in getting back to normality, Minister Parameshwar directed the police to send professional female psychiatrists and policemen to advise her.

Twelve people, including the girl’s parents, brothers, and uncles, were detained by Kakati police in response to the allegation; they have since been placed under judicial detention. There are thirteen counts against the accused under different sections of the IPC, including property damage and attempted murder. The police continued to provide security in order to deter the boy’s companions from taking revenge and to prevent other attacks. The police commissioner said, “Special police teams have been deployed to both the man and the lady’s houses.”

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