Bengal: Is TMC scared of BJP, appeals for help from Left and Congress

Bengal: Is TMC scared of BJP, appeals for help from Left and Congress

The BJP has started its siege in West Bengal and as elections are coming closer. BJP's dominance is increasing and at the same time there is a stampede in TMC. It seems that TMC's trust is being shattered. So far, the anti-BJP parties that have opposed each other are now making efforts to unite and TMC itself has started this initiative and is seeking help from its political enemies. It was started earlier by senior TMC leader Tapas Roy, but now in a press conference held at the party office, TMC senior MP Saugata Roy has openly invited the Congress and Left parties to come together.
Saugat Roy said, "If the Left and Congress are anti-BJP forces, they should follow TMC as it is the only party fighting against the divisive politics of BJP."

However, the Congress and the Left parties have already refused to join the TMC. Recently, President of Bengal unit of Congress, Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary had said that the people of the state are against TMC in the state. BJP also does not like. In such a situation, left and Congress parties are the only option for the public.

TMC has lost its trust-Dilip
On the other hand, BJP's Bengal unit president Dilip Ghosh said, "Today this party neither has the base nor the organization. People are leaving the party. Their faith is dying. They are convinced that now the BJP alone cannot compete, but the people of the state have decided. This time only BJP government will be formed in Bengal. "

In politics, it is not impossible for the opposition parties to unite
, nothing is impossible in politics. There are many examples in the country's politics of the opposition parties uniting against the BJP. In Uttar Pradesh, the opposing party SP and BSP fought the assembly and Lok Sabha elections together. In Kerala, the opposing Congress and the left parties are contesting elections together in Bengal.

Kerala: 17 arrested in juvenile rape, 30 cases registered under POCSO

Kerala: 17 arrested in juvenile rape, 30 cases registered under POCSO

In Malappuram district of Kerala, 17 people have been arrested and 30 cases have been registered under the POCSO Act for raping a minor girl. The girl was also abused twice before.

Talking to IANS, station house officer of Pandikkad police station Mohammad Hanifa said, "A total of 30 cases have been registered at Pandikkad, Karuvarakkundu and Vandur stations in Malappuram district for sexual exploitation and assault of a minor girl."

The official said, “16 cases have been registered in Pandikkad, 13 in Karuvarakkundu, while 1 case has been registered in Vandur police station. 16 from Pandikkad and 1 from Vandoor have been arrested. ”The 17-year-old rape victim was abused 4 years ago at the age of 13, after which she was kept in the Nirbhaya center. The girl was raped once again in 2017, when she started living with her relative.

Girl was handed over to relatives

Here the matter came to light when she suddenly went missing from her brother-in-law, where she was staying with them. The father of a minor girl is no longer in this world, and her mother has no such address.

Malappuram Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Chairperson Shajesh Bhaskar said, "The girl was again handed over to her relatives, as there were no charges against either of them." All the accused were outsiders. " The case is being investigated by a police team led by Perinthalmanna Deputy SP along with Circle Inspectors of Pandikkad, Vandur and Karuvarakkundu police stations.

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