Bengaluru: CCTVs capture the suspect in the Cafe Rameshwaram bomb in action

The famed restaurant The Rameshwaram Cafe in the city was bombed, and Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah voiced confidence on Saturday that he would find the perpetrator since CCTV had documented his movements. He stated that although investigations are still underway, it is yet unknown if any organization was engaged in the event that left ten persons hurt at the quick-service restaurant in the Brookfield area of the IT corridor in east Bengaluru. He went to the café later in the day to check it out. He had a meeting with the wounded patients receiving care at the hospital.

“The explosion has taken place. One individual arrived by bus, wore a mask and a hat, bought some rava idli from the café counter, and took a seat. After setting the timer, he departed. There has been an explosion, and nine (really ten) individuals are hurt. Everyone is safe, Siddaramaiah said to reporters in Mysuru. He gave top police officials instructions on Saturday to make sure the “full truth” about the event is revealed and to use technology wisely in their investigations.

“It will be simple to identify the offender since his images of getting off the bus, buying tiffin at the restaurant, sitting down, and setting down a bag have all materialized. We’ll locate him as soon as possible,” Siddaramaiah said. When asked whether there were any connections between the occurrence on Friday and the 2022 Mangaluru cooker explosion, Siddaramaiah said that thorough investigations are underway. In response to allegations from the opposition that the event was the result of the government’s “appeasement politics,” he said the BJP was politicizing the matter.

“Was the Mangaluru cooker blast that happened during their time of bomb blasts also an act of appeasement?” He asked, saying that the event shouldn’t be politicized and that he hates the explosion. In response to a query on whether or not it was a terrorist act, the CM said, “We will take action based on what comes out of it.” Siddaramaiah said the wounded are receiving good care after visiting them at the hospital in Bengaluru.

He said that three people were hurt and were receiving treatment at Brookefield Hospital. One of them was a Mysuru lady named Swarnamba Narayanappa who was in the intensive care unit due to several injuries. Farooq Hussain and Deepanshu Kumar, the other two, have not suffered many wounds. Later, in front of Minister G Parameshwara, Siddaramaiah called a meeting with senior Home Department officials and instructed them to take firm action against anti-social elements without showing compassion.

“Identify areas that are densely populated and enhance police presence there.” According to a statement sent by his office, Siddaramaiah told authorities that the people should have security. Siddaramaiah gave the go-ahead for the authorities to expedite the case’s inquiry and make sure that such situations don’t happen again. Siddaramaiah gave the police orders to stop anyone using social media to propagate false information.

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