BEST Buses in Mumbai Change Routes Because to Grand Pandal Installations

Due of the enormous pandal installations that have sprouted along important motorways, a number of BEST bus routes in Mumbai have been detoured temporarily.

While the transportation officials dealt with the problem, commuters were left dealing with unanticipated delays.

The first of these events occurred during Mulund (W)’s Independence Day festivities when two important bus routes, the 302 and 307, were detoured off of their usual routes along JN road.According to a formal report, the happy celebrations required this detour, giving commuters and revelers alike a special experience.

Separately, passengers using routes 608 and 612 in Bhandup experienced service interruptions at Pratap Nagar. This hardship was caused by continuing Ganapati pandal construction that had taken up a substantial piece of the road.

A spokeswoman said that this ban will be in place till the conclusion of the Ganesh festival early next month, enabling Mumbai people to take in the splendor of this mesmerizing pandal.

These modifications to BEST bus routes pay homage to Mumbai’s dynamic environment and commitment to observing customs in style as the city gears up for a protracted period of holiday mania. With the Ganesh festival soon approaching, Mumbai residents may look forward to months filled with both culture and comfort.


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