Beyond their call of duty, doctors

A kind group of physicians from Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital celebrated the organ donor’s daughter’s second birthday. Following his diagnosis of brain death, the 26-year-old man’s young wife just donated his organs. The child was involved in a traffic accident on March 4 and was sent to the hospital the following day after receiving care at two separate hospitals, according to medical professionals at the RGGGH.

On March 6, he was declared brain dead. Putting aside her anguish, his wife offered to be an organ donor. On March 7, following an honor walk led by Dr. E Theranirajan, Dean of RGGGH, the corpse was given to the family and the physicians removed his organs.

The deceased’s widow, S Nirmala, stated in an interview with TNIE, “I felt so emotional when I saw them.” About twenty physicians showed up at our home with a ton of presents and cake. It seemed to me that my spouse had sent them to honor our daughter’s birthday.

Nirmala recalled the day she informed Dr. Gomathi Karmegam, associate professor of emergency medicine at Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, that her daughter would turn two on March 12 and that her father would not be present to celebrate her birthday. Nirmala was going through the formalities following her husband’s death. The physician then asked whether they may return home. They traveled all the way to Tiruttani together. They arrived at a time when we were in so much anguish that I am at a loss for words,” Nirmala said.

Nirmala, who is calling on people to donate organs following the passing of a loved one, said that she did so because she wanted her husband’s organs to continue working in another person. Both his heart and eyes need to be working. It brings me joy to realize that. If you don’t donate an organ, it will go to waste, so why not give someone one? The MBA graduate, who is looking for work, said, “I immediately agreed to organ donation because I wanted my husband to live longer in someone’s body.” Nirmala said, “My husband was the family’s sole provider; now I have to look for a job and take care of my in-laws and my daughter.”

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