Bhagwant Mann Evaluates the Status of the Punjab’s Current “Special Girdawari”

Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann reaffirmed the Punjab government’s resolve to recompense people for the damage they experienced as a result of the recent floods while speaking here on the occasion of the current “special girdawari” across the state.

The chief minister said his administration has a responsibility to compensate those affected by the floods that hit the state while presiding over a meeting at his office in Punjab Civil Secretariat I.

The state government, according to him, has sufficient cash for this purpose, and every effort will be made to assist those impacted by the disaster.


In an official statement, Mann said that after recently visiting the flood-stricken parts of the state, he had firsthand knowledge and that as a result, every effort is being made to assist the residents of the afflicted districts.


The chief minister said he had already appointed a “special girdawari” to determine the damage caused to citizens by the state’s floods.


According to him, the officials have been told to make sure the girdawari is finished by August 15.


Mann informed the populace that his administration would make up for any lost livestock, crops, homes, or other property.


According to the chief minister, floods have severely damaged 1,495 communities in 19 districts of the state.


According to estimates, 44 people died as a result of the flooding, 22 were wounded, 391 homes were completely destroyed, 878 had partial damage, and 1,277 people were housed in 159 rescue camps.


Meanwhile, Mann on Friday began a special campaign called “Har Shukravar Dengue te Vaar” for halting the spread of the vector-borne illness in order to preserve priceless lives in the wake of floods.


The chief minister gave the health department specific instructions to coordinate efforts to stop the disease’s spread and focus on raising community knowledge of dengue prevention.


Although the majority of the state’s water levels have dropped, he said that standing water in a few locations serves as a mosquito breeding habitat.


Mann instructed the health agency to set up complex plans for scaling up fogging in both urban and rural regions and to increase staffing for inspecting larvae.


He demanded that the agency take decisive action to monitor dengue cases and devote enough attention to ensure that patients get proper medical care.


The chief minister said that while the number of dengue cases is “very low” compared to other years, there should still be no slack in the efforts being made to control dengue in the aftermath of the floods.

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