Bihar Election: LJP in preparation to beat JDU at BJP's 'check'?

Bihar Election: LJP in preparation to beat JDU at BJP's 'check'?

Questioning the leadership of Nitish Kumar , LJP has decided to split from NDA in Bihar elections and fight on its own. But after this decision, the biggest churn is on whether BJP is behind LJP's decision . Has LJP separated from NDA under any BJP strategy? This question is also arising because LJP is repeatedly claiming in Bihar that its objective is to enable Bihar to follow the path of Narendra Modi. The LJP continues to favor the BJP while aggressively attacking other parties. 

This thing is also gaining strength because the whereabouts of many BJP leaders are currently LJP. In fact, many BJP leaders did not get tickets. In such a situation, he is joining the LJP and entering the electoral arena. But it is not a small BJP worker but a strong leader. These leaders also include Ravindra Singh, Rameshwar Chaurasia and Usha Vidyarthi. All these are also looking after the work of the organization in the BJP at the national level. However, when seen officially, the BJP has long differentiated itself from Chirag's politics. BJP has been continuously saying that it will contest elections under the leadership of Nitish Kumar in Bihar, but at the moment no leader is willing to talk about what is happening behind the scenes.

Showing sternness over its rebel leaders, the BJP has also announced that they will be sacked if they do not withdraw their nomination by October 12. BJP has also made it clear that if LJP uses photographs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi or any other BJP leaders for electoral gains, then it will complain to the Election Commission. But this has not reduced the market of rumors. Even JDU leaders do not publicly accuse the BJP of this, but they do not miss mentioning this in the food. It is also believed that BJP has benefited for the first time in Bihar with the JDU contesting 115 seats with JDU due to the separation of LJP.

Most interested is about what will happen when the BJP emerges as the largest party after the election? However, the BJP has also made it clear that even though the JDU seat is less than the BJP, Nitish Kumar will be our Chief Minister. But sources are saying that this statement of BJP has come under pressure from Nitish Kumar. Political analysts in Bihar believe that if the BJP has benefited the most from the separation of LJP, then JDU has lost its loss. But the biggest question is that if LJP has separated from NDA under BJP's strategy, what is the reason behind it?

Actually, there are two reasons behind this. According to the first argument, with this step of BJP, it is preparing to create independent existence in Bihar. Apart from this, after getting cheated by Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, she wants to keep her Plan B in Bihar. Apart from this, there is also news that this time there is anti-incumbency against Nitish Kumar. In such a situation, the BJP is also presenting a third option to the people to prevent the vote of Nitish Kumar against the grand alliance. Now it has to be seen to whom the people of Bihar hand over the crown and who will have to sit in opposition? Everyone is waiting for November 10. Before that, votes will be cast for the Assembly in Bihar in three phases.