BJP Chief JP Nadda: PM Modi Replaces Congress’ Promises With “Report Card Politics”

JP Nadda, the head of the BJP, said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Modi had transformed the “report card politics” that had been practiced during Congress control, which included making alluring promises and then forgetting about them after elections.

Speaking at an electoral event in Jaipur, he said that the Congress wants to be in power for “loot, appeasement, and corruption” while the BJP wants to help the underprivileged, the poor, women, young, and farmers.

For a very long period, the Congress party held power. However, their policy was to make pledges, forget about them, and then entice voters with fresh, alluring promises during the subsequent election.

He said that the BJP members believe in service, good government, and the care of the underprivileged. “But Modi ji changed this culture and started report card politics,” he remarked.

In addition, he attacked the Rajasthani Congress administration for concerns of appeasement, corruption, and violence against women. He said that the Gehlot administration engaged in a five-year tug of war and that its MLAs pillaged the state.

The BJP spokesman said that when there are atrocities against women, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi travels to other states, “but in Rajasthan, she only goes to Ranthambore.”

Nadda was speaking to a crowd before to the start of a campaign in which the BJP would solicit public input on its electoral agenda.

When the BJP releases a manifesto, he remarked, “it is not just a political document; it is also our goal for the future.”

In control of Rajasthan is the BJP Manifesto committee chairman and Union minister Arun Meghwal, state president CP Joshi, former chief minister Vasundhara Raje, opposition leader Rajendra Rathore, deputy opposition leader Satish Poonia, and other figures were also present.


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