BK Hariprasad, a Congress MLA, defends his remarks that “Pakistan is an enemy country for the BJP, not for us.”

BK Hariprasad, a Congress MLA, defended his remarks on Thursday that “Pakistan is an enemy country for the BJP, not for us,” claiming that the party is manipulating events and requesting that Pakistan be designated as an enemy state by the federal government. Additionally, he made threats to file a privilege claim against the networks that misrepresented what he said.

“I said that Pakistan is a neighboring country. Permit the BJP to label Pakistan as a hostile nation. The BJP is actively engaging in deceptive tactics; we have no problem with my statements being published in their entirety. I believe I will need to file a privilege motion against the networks that misrepresented my remarks if they add masala to it. “I stand by whatever statement I made in the Council,” BK Hariprasad said on Thursday in an interview with ANI.

He also insisted that all commerce with Pakistan be prohibited and that the country be designated as an enemy state by the government.

“The central government should impose trade restrictions and declare Pakistan to be an enemy state if the Bharatiya Janata Party believes that the country is an enemy.” We cannot refer to Pakistan as an enemy state until and until they proclaim themselves to be one. Therefore, they are our neighbors,” the Congressman said.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not get an invitation to attend the granddaughter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s wedding in Lahore.

“We have not done anything of the such. PM Modi traveled to Pakistan without an invitation to attend Nawaz Sharif’s granddaughter’s wedding. I stand by what I’ve stated,” Hariprasad said.

In his statement to the Legislative Council earlier on Wednesday, Hariprasad said that whereas the Congress views Pakistan as a neighbor, the BJP views it as an adversary.

“They (the BJP) talk about our ties to a hostile nation. They claim that Pakistan is a hostile nation. Pakistan is our neighbor; it is not a hostile nation in our eyes. Pakistan is our adversary, so they claim. After visiting Jinnah’s tomb in Lahore, they just presented LK Advani the Bharat Ratna, stating that no other secular politician compares to him. Was Pakistan then not a hostile nation? Hariprasad said during his assembly speech.

Speaking in the assembly on Wednesday, the Congress legislator’s comments caused a stir amidst the current issue over purported “Pakistan Zindabad” chants allegedly shouted by party supporters outside Vidhana Soudha, where MP-elect Syed Naseer Hussain is expected to be elected.

Karnataka Deputy LoP and BJP leader Arvind Bellad responded to Hariprasad’s comments by saying, “It is extremely sad that a senior leader from Congress, BK Hariprasad, said so.” Very regrettable.”

“What Pakistan has done to India and her people is well known. This reveals the mindset of Congress. Congress may go to any length to win over minorities and Muslims in exchange for votes,” he said.

The Congress leader’s comments infuriated the BJP, which said that it was evident what the party’s “attitude” was. What is the Congress’s stance and attitude toward Pakistan? By referring to Pakistan as a neighbor for the Congress and Pakistan as an enemy for the BJP, BK Hariprasad made it apparent in the council that Jawaharlal Nehru and Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s close relationship has persisted even into the current generation. This was stated in a post on BJP Karnataka’s official handle on X.

“If one offends the Congressmen’s belief that Pakistan, which has declared war on India four times, is not a hostile country, one would be left speechless, except from supporting those who sang Pakistan Zindabad chants in the Vidhan Sabha. At all levels of Congress, anti-national attitudes like those expressed by @HariprasadBK2 are pervasive,” the message said.

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