Bribery scheme at MP Nursing College: CBI inspector fired

The employment of a CBI investigator who was detained in relation to the bribery case at Madhya Pradesh Nursing College has been terminated.


In relation to the scheme, the CBI detained 13 persons on Monday night, including two of its own inspectors.

The purported flaws in the management of the state’s nursing institutions are the basis for the scheme.

Rahul Raj and Sushil Kumar Majoka were the two CBI inspectors who were taken into custody in this case. It is believed that the inspectors took bribes in order to approve unfit nursing schools.

Rahul Raj’s employment was terminated on Wednesday.

When Rahul Raj accepted a bribe of Rs 10 lakh from Anil Bhaskaran and his spouse, he was exposed.

A judge has remanded all of the defendants who were detained in this case to the custody of the CBI till May 29.

In 2022, the Madhya Pradesh High Court issued instructions for the CBI to start looking into the suspected fraud, according to PTI.

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