BRS cadre would support me as well, said Kadiyam Kavya

Congress candidate Kadiyam Kavya dismissed the “non-local” issue as fake propaganda from her adversaries in the race for the Lok Sabha, expressing confidence in winning the Warangal seat. Kavya described her father, Station Ghanpur MLA Srihari, as a political icon in an exclusive interview with U Mahesh of TNIE. She added that her popularity and the grand old party’s successful implementation of six promises will guarantee her the support of voters in each of the seven Assembly segments that make up the Warangal parliamentary constituency.

Takeaways from the conversation:

Given your lack of political experience, what type of feedback have you been getting throughout your campaign for the polls?

Though not politics, I’m new to electoral politics. My family is politically connected. For more than 40 years, my father, Kadiyam Srihari, has been involved in politics and has served the people in a number of positions, including Telangana’s deputy chief minister. I’ve been favorably received by the voters. They have received a really favorable reaction. The Congress has MLAs representing the Warangal Lok Sabha constituency in each of the seven Assembly segments. For me, that’s a huge bonus. The devoted voting base that our party has here is another element that will work in my favor. As I have said, the voters are responding well to me. I have high hopes of being elected to the Warangal seat.

What is your goal in joining the polling fray? How are you going to persuade folks to vote for you in the elections?

Serving the public is my only goal, and it is quite simple. I was actively engaged with the Kadiyam Foundation before she entered politics (she resigned from her position as a doctor at the Wardhannapet Community Health Centre), and together we established a number of projects for the benefit of the underprivileged. I was aware of the issues that the rural poor were facing since I was a doctor. My goal is to utilize politics to further the cause of impoverished people.

Is it accurate to say that you lack a cadre base and haven’t been getting the crucial support you need from them?

Rumors are being disseminated by the BJP and BRS. Their assertions are untrue. As for BRS, now just twenty percent of cadre are employed by the party. They will undoubtedly support me and work with my father as well. The BJP exclusively believes in promoting rumors and never embraces the truth. Land grabbing is the BJP candidate’s style. Despite investing enormous quantities of money, he had lost the Wardhannapet Assembly election. Additionally, the BRS is merely running a candidate for the sake of running.

Attempts are being made by your opponents to use the “non-local” problem against you. How do you respond?

How is it possible to call me a non-local? I grew up and was born in Warangal. I was employed at Wardhannapet PHC as a medical officer till November 2023. I am a native of this place. For political purposes, BJP candidate Aroori Ramesh has been leveling unfounded accusations against my father and myself. I’ve known Aroori Ramesh since seventh grade.

Regarding its SC classification, the Madiga Reservation Porata Samiti (MRPS) is contesting your caste.

We are Baindla caste members. It is acknowledged as a subcaste of the SC. I am aware that MRPS Chief Manda Krishna Madiga is bringing up this matter. He is an advocate of the BJP. However, how can he back a party that opposes women, SCs, and BCs? His motivation for supporting the BJP is self-interest. Within the next five years, if the BJP stays in power, it will attempt to repeal the SC reservations. By gaining 400 seats, it hopes to take control of the Center. However, it is unlikely that it will be able to reserve more than 200 seats.

From your father, what lessons have you learned?

In order to achieve in public life and to serve the people, my father has had to overcome many obstacles. For me, he serves as an inspiration and role model. After winning the election, I want to work for the growth of this constituency and its residents under his direction and with my own ideas.

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