BRS leaders’ accusations against defectors gained traction on the pink party

There is an odd trend taking place in Telangana: BRS leaders are blaming their erstwhile colleagues who switched to the Congress of stealing land. BRS commanders claim that their erstwhile allies joined the other side just to escape facing legal consequences for their deeds.

Notably, Khairatabad MLA Danam Nagender has been openly charged by former minister and BRS working president KT Rama Rao and other prominent figures of invading government land to build his home. But when Nagender was in the pink party, no BRS leader made the same accusation.

The BRS assertion ignores a crucial query: why were the leaders of the BRS who abused their position of authority and committed crimes without consequence ever prosecuted? And why was such behavior approved by the previous administration?

Political circles have been speculating about this discrepancy, which the BRS views as an own-goal.

In a same vein, former Armoor MLA A Jeevan Reddy has charged Chevella MP G Ranjith Reddy of illegally collecting loans, occupying allotted property, and taking other public assets. Once again, there are questions about the lack of protest or action throughout the BRS term.

In the meanwhile, opposing parties have used the developing story as fuel to attack the Congress and the BRS. The former government’s silence over these kinds of actions has been questioned by the BJP.

Congress leaders are being pressured to respond to claims made against members who have just joined the party and to take corrective action if any misconduct is found.

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