BSP intensifies its polling campaign with 71 candidates

The electoral campaign of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) has been greatly intensified, with 71 candidates already in the race. The party is waging an unrelenting war against the Samajwadi Party, the BJP, and the Congress under the leadership of former chief minister Mayawati.

In the first phase, the BSP initially kept a low profile. But after hearing about perplexing patterns and a dismal turnout, Mayawati and her nephew Akash Anand quickly changed course and adopted a vigorous campaign approach. They have started a string of rallies over the last week in an effort to galvanize their base of support and win over the undecided voters. Mayawati has now escalated her criticism of the other parties.

aims at PM Modi

Free food is being provided to the underprivileged, not by PM Modi or the BJP. It originates from your taxes. If elections are held properly, the BJP will not be able to easily retake power since it has not kept its promise of “acche din.” Mayawati, head of the BSP

At a rally in Budaun on Monday, Mayawati criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the free ration distribution plan, a move that marked her first electoral gaffe.

“The small amount of food being given to you for free is not coming from the pocket of Modi or the BJP,” she said. It originates from your taxes.

She stated that even if the elections were held properly, the BJP would not be able to easily retake power since it had not lived up to its promise of “acche din” to the underprivileged and backward people.

“The condition of Muslims and other religious minorities in the country has become pitiable,” she said in an effort to win over minority populations. Their progress has almost stopped under the BJP and RSS rule due to the predominance of Hindu nationalism and religion.”

She also made reference to the Congress in the same sentence. She claimed that because of the party’s anti-Dalit and anti-backward class views, it was on the verge of being expelled from the Center and many states. She said that the Samajwadi Party was dividing Muslims and Hindus by offering tickets based only on religion.

Because it had filed a plurality of Muslim candidates for the first round of voting, the BSP was first referred to as the BJP’s “B-team.”. Subsequently, it changed the caste equations by fielding candidates in certain important seats. This may potentially jeopardize the BJP’s chances of winning many seats in its bastion in western Uttar Pradesh.

Examining the caste distribution among the party’s contenders for 71 seats, including all 16 in western Uttar Pradesh, reveals Mayawati’s calculated attempt to sabotage the established support base of the NDA and the India bloc.

Taking advantage of the growing dissatisfaction among the Thakur and Tyagi populations with the BJP, the BSP put forth candidates to contest the ruling party in a number of seats. It put forth Rajput candidates in Ghaziabad and Gautam Buddha Nagar in an attempt to capitalize on the discontent among Thakurs.

In a similar vein, a Tyagi candidate has been put up in Meerut to address complaints from the Tyagi community. Mayawati has used the OBC card in Muzaffarnagar, where Sanjeev Balyan of the BJP is in control, by fielding a Prajapti candidate and gaining the backing of marginalized groups in opposition to the BJP’s hegemony. She has put up a powerful Jat candidate in Bijnor to oppose the Gurjar nominee of the BJP’s ally Rashtriya Lok Dal.

The BSP stunned everyone by securing 10 seats with a vote share of more than 19% in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, far outperforming the Samajwadi Party and the Congress. After the BJP, it became the second-largest party.

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