BTech student burns body after killing aunt in Bengaluru

The 20-year-old BTech student who murdered and burned the corpse of his 37-year-old aunt was taken into custody by Electronics City police. The lady went missing on February 12 and her burned skull and bones were found by authorities one week later in S Bingipura hamlet, which is on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

Police said that Sukanya’s husband reported her missing, which is how they learned about the event. Police then utilized technology and CCTV images to track her down to Bannerghatta, where she had been with the accused, Jaswanth.

Sukanya’s cousin Jaswanth was raised at Doddakammanahalli, close to Electronics City, in the same home as Sukanya. When he volunteered to take her out in his vehicle on February 12, she trusted him without question. According to the authorities, Sukanya had previously turned down Jaswanth’s request for money when he had expressed an urgent need for it and stated she was unaware of his demands.

After that, Jaswanth planned her assassination in order to steal and pawn her riches in order to satisfy his demands. According to police, he took Sukanya in his vehicle to a secluded location close to Bannerghatta, where he strangled her and then lit her corpse on fire using fuel he had obtained from Hosur.

Jaswanth acknowledged his involvement in the crime over the course of the inquiry. Police in Electronics City have opened a case.