Calling Rahul Gandhi and Manish Tewari “udan khatola,” UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath claims that Aurangzeb’s spirit has infiltrated the Congress

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath referred to Congressman Rahul Gandhi and the party’s Chandigarh Lok Sabha candidate Manish Tewari as “udan khatola” on Monday, saying that they vanished after contesting elections.

“They are ‘udan khatola,’ and they vanish after an electoral battle. “Do not become a part of sin by electing such a representative. The person who does not stand with you in difficulty, through thick and thin, cannot respect your heritage, cannot do welfare of the poor,” Yogi said at a significant Maloya rally.

He said that Gandhi and Tewari were not present and commended BJP candidate Sanjay Tandon for his humanitarian efforts during the Covid outbreak.

Yogi said that the belief that “Modi will come” and that people are prepared to pay “400 paar” are shared across the nation, not only in Chandigarh and Uttar Pradesh.

Saying, “Jo ram ko laye hai, hum unko layenge,” he made fun of the Congress. We are the ones who own the one who is of Ram, not someone else. Ram was rejected by Congress, which claimed he didn’t exist. At least now, they can construct it in Italy if they are intelligent.

Yogi said that in only 10 years, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has transformed the nation’s image and state of affairs, accusing the Congress of promoting terrorism, naxalism, corruption, and chaos in “virasat.”

Even in the event that a little cracker bursts at the border, Pakistan quickly clarifies that it was not them. The UP chief minister said that “chedta nahi aur chedoge toh chodata nahi” for New India.

“We created an international airport named after Valmiki Ji before we built Ram Mandir. Unlike Punjab, we have turned the mafia inside out. The Congress separated the nation, then the towns, and now it has its sights set on the land that is your ancestor’s. The Congress wants to give it to Muslims and take it from you.

It is comparable to Aurangzeb’s jizya, which demanded payment of jizya or acceptance of Islam. In order to gain control, Aurangzeb incarcerated his father after killing his brother. The Congress has been infiltrated by the spirit of the Mughal emperor, Yogi asserted.

BJP welcomes Congressman Venod Sharma and Harmohan Dhawan’s kid

During Yogi Adityanath’s Maloya rally, Venod Sharma, the head of the Haryana Congress, and Bikram Dhawan, the son of late Union minister Harmohan Dhawan, officially joined the BJP.

In a setback to Chandigarh candidate for the INDIA bloc, Manish Tewari, Dhawan departed the AAP.

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