CBSE warns schools against starting the school year before April 1

CBSE warns schools against starting the school year before April 1

The CBSE has advised schools against beginning the academic year before April 1 because it might lead to student anxiety and fatigue.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued the warning after some schools began the current academic year, particularly for Classes 10 and 12.

"Several of the connected schools have begun their academic sessions rather early in the year, it has been observed. Anurag Tripathi, the secretary of the CBSE, issued an official directive that stated, "Attempting to complete an entire year's worth of course work in a reduced timeframe poses risks for students who may get overwhelmed and struggle to keep up with the pace of learning, leading to anxiety and burnout.

The board has emphasized that scheduling extracurricular activities such as developing life skills, value education, health and physical education, job education, and community service within the academic session leaves pupils with insufficient time.

"All of these pursuits are just as significant as academics. Thus, it is urged that the principals and institution heads of the schools connected with the board avoid from starting classes before the designated period and carefully adhere to the academic session from April 1 to March 31, Tripathi added.

For Grades 10 and 12, the CBSE is presently holding the board examinations. The examinations for both classes started on February 15 and will end on March 21 for Class 10 and April 5 for Class 12.